What Are Some Good Nonsurgical Options for Reducing the Signs of Aging?


We all want to stay fresh looking and beautiful for as long as possible, and after a certain age, this can mean certain cosmetic procedures start to look appealing. Of course, going under the knife is quite a drastic step. Not only is it expensive and can often mean taking time out of your job and social life to recover, but it can also be extremely painful, and as with any surgery, carries risks due to things like anesthesia.

While surgery does deliver the most extreme results and is the only way currently available to remedy certain physical signs of aging, there are quite a lot of very effective products and non-surgical processes that can make a big difference. If you are early in the noticeable aging process – in your thirties or early forties – the right non-surgical option may well leave you satisfied with how you look and mean you won't need to even think about surgery for another decade or so. Some of these treatments also help prevent you from developing further lines.

So, what are some of the things available if you want quick, non-surgical results?

Creams and Other At-Home Products

At the easiest and most accessible end of the scale are products you can buy to use at home. These include masques, daily moisturizers, serums, and scrubs. If you don't have the time to go for regular sessions at a salon, and aren't expecting a dramatic overnight change, then these can actually be all you need to counteract the very earliest signs of aging.

Of course, there is a huge market for skin care products that reduce the signs of aging, and they range in price from very cheap drug store creams to lavish high end products. This means you need to do your research. Find out what the terms used to market these products actually mean, and what the science is behind why certain ingredients are used. You don't have to become a chemist, but knowing that vitamin E is a great ingredient for skin and why products contain certain acids or plant derivatives will help you choose the best products for you within your price range.

If you want help deciding which products are best suited to your specific skin goals or your skin type, then getting a consultation in a department store may help (as well as allowing you to try out some products), or you could visit a salon or spa. Many spas have at home products you can buy for use between visits and the professionals will be happy to talk you through your options.


Botox is perhaps the most famous non-surgical anti-aging treatment. It has been around since the '90s and has enjoyed a lot of popularity, with everyone from celebrities to businessmen! The process involves injecting a substance that has a paralyzing effect into the muscles. This can make the face appear smoother and also prevent further creases appearing.

Some people have Botox from a younger age, starting in their twenties, as it is thought this may prevent some lines from ever appearing. The downsides of Botox are that you have to have repeated treatments because it only lasts for around six weeks, and that there is some discomfort involved. Some people also find that they think it makes their face look a little unnatural as they can't make certain facial expressions. The plus sides are that Botox is very widely available now and not especially costly, and it is also something most people know about so you shouldn't have any problem explaining to your loved ones what you are getting done! Botox injections also don't really have any serious recovery time, so it can be easy to fit them into a busy schedule.


Another office-based procedure you can have done instead of surgery is microneedling. This involves precision needling in your problem areas to stimulate your natural production of collagen. In general, people find this gives a more natural look than Botox, and when machines like Vivace Microneedling are used, pain is kept to an absolute minimum. Some practitioners also use numbing creams and other things to make the process almost completely pain free. With microneedling, you can get good results from the first treatment, however most people need a course of treatment to get the effects they want. You can also follow up the treatments with aftercare products that give further benefits.

Chemical Peels

Another procedure that can give you immediate results in terms of younger looking skin is having a chemical peel. This removes the most damaged outer layer of skin to reveal the fresher skin underneath. If you don't like needles, this can be a good alternative to Botox or microneedling, but can be uncomfortable in its own way, and you will experience soreness and redness immediately after treatment. This isn't enough to keep most people from doing what they usually would for the rest of the day, but if you are embarrassed about being seen post-peel, then you may want to ensure you can rest at home for the recovery period.

Another downside to a chemical peel is that the results are only temporary, as the new skin will become older and less fresh looking over time. It can be a great way to get a youthful boost ahead of an important event, however, and with regular peels you can maintain the results.

Whether you opt to try and work on your fine lines and wrinkles at home using scientifically designed products, or visit a professional for treatments like peels, microneedling or Botox, you should be able to get some results you are happy with and delay (or completely negate) the need for more drastic measures like a facelift. However, remember too that there are things you can do as a matter of lifestyle to prevent premature aging, like avoiding cigarettes, eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly to promote good circulation and detoxing, and wearing sunscreen.