What Shoes to Wear With Your Prom Dress


You can wear anything as long as you put a nice pair of shoes with it. - Taylor Momsen


Prom season is finally here, and you must already have your perfect prom dress in your mind. But how can your dress be complete without the perfect pair of shoes? Remember, when you go to your prom, all eyes will be on you, and you can’t ruin your overall look just by wearing the wrong footwear.

So, how do you know which shoes will go with your designer prom dress? Well, to answer this question, we’ve compiled a list of factors that will help you narrow down your options.

So, buckle up, as by the end of this post, you’ll surely know the perfect shoes to pair with your dress.

Consider the Color of Your Dress

When it comes to pairing shoes with your prom dress, one of the most crucial factors to consider is the color of your dress. This can significantly influence the shoe choice and impact your overall look.

Here’s a breakdown of how to match shoes with the color of your dress:

Matching Colors:

When both your shoes and the dress share the same color, it creates an appealing flow, visually elongating your silhouette. This approach is particularly effective with bold, solid-colored dresses like red, blue, or black.

For instance, if you're wearing a striking red dress, pairing it with shoes in the same shade of red can create a powerful, monochromatic appearance.

This consistency in color creates a sense of continuity from top to bottom, allowing the eye to move effortlessly along the outfit without any abrupt color transitions.


Complementary Hues:

Wearing shoes of complementary colors is the new go-to style, especially when an exact match might feel too predictable or challenging to achieve.

Take, for example, a designer prom dress featuring various shades of pink. Instead of hunting for shoes that precisely mirror one of those shades, consider shoes in neutral tones like nude, silver, gold, or metallic shades that can elevate the overall look.

These colors not only complement the pink tones but also introduce an intriguing contrast, adding a touch of sophistication and individuality to the ensemble.

And to help you choose the best complementary color, below are some color combinations that can be paired together for an eye-catching look:

Red - Shades of Green (Emerald, Olive), Navy Blue, Black.

Blue - Yellow, Gold, Orange, Coral.

Green - Pink, Purple, Navy Blue, Burgundy.

Purple - Yellow (Mustard, Goldenrod), Teal, Turquoise.

Black - Red, Royal Blue, Emerald Green.

White - Fuchsia, Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green, Navy, Black.

Pink - Green, Navy Blue, Black.


Prints and Patterns:

Prom gown dresses with intricate patterns or prints can be a bit challenging to pair with shoes, but it’s an opportunity to play with colors effectively. So, when dealing with a patterned dress, it’s generally advisable to opt for solid-colored shoes.

You can choose a color from the dominant shades in the pattern. If, for instance, your dress has a predominantly blue pattern with hints of green and white, shoes in a solid blue or a complementary shade like navy could be an excellent choice. Apart from this you can also complement your dress by wearing green or white colored shoes.

Types of Shoes

Now that you know how you can pair your shoes with your dress, you might be wondering - what are the different types of shoes that I can wear? Well, we’ve got you covered here as well. Below is a list of shoes you can rock on your prom.

1.    Classic Pumps:

Ah, the timeless pumps! These beauties offer a sleek, sophisticated look that pairs seamlessly with most prom dresses. They elongate the legs, adding grace and poise to your stride. Plus, they're a safe bet if you want a shoe that matches almost any dress style.

2.    Strappy Heels:

Strappy heels are like the fashion-forward rebels of the prom shoe world. With their intricate designs and varying strap styles, they add glamour and personality to your overall look. Not to mention, they're often more comfortable than classic pumps due to the added support from the straps.

3.    Block Heels:

If comfort is your jam without sacrificing style, block heels are the ultimate choice. They offer stability and comfort while still looking chic. Plus, you won't have to worry about sinking into grass or wobbling on uneven surfaces during an outdoor prom event.

4.    Flats or Sandals:

Sometimes, you just want to dance the night away without worrying about sore feet. Flats or sandals are a great choice for those who prioritize comfort. They can be just as stylish, especially if you opt for embellished or sparkly designs that scream 'prom glam.'

5.    Sneakers:

Now, this is a bold move, isn’t it? But prom is all about expressing yourself, so why not? Sneakers bring an unexpected twist to prom attire. They're perfect for those who want to break away from tradition and make a statement. Moreover, they're undeniably comfortable for hours of dancing. Now, who doesn’t want that?

Which Shoes Are Best For You?

Choosing the best shoes for your prom gown dress is like finding the perfect dance partner—you want a match that complements your style and makes you feel fantastic all night long.

So, if you’re still confused about which shoes are the best for you? Remember, it's all about what speaks to your style, what makes you feel confident, and what lets you dance the night away without a second thought.