What to Pack with When Visiting a Luxury Spa Destination


A mini vacation to a luxury spa destination is a truly rewarding experience. The massage, reflexology, manicures and pedicures are great ways of relaxing. They can help ease your pain, fatigue, stress, and simply get your mind off work. To ensure that you get the full impact of the stress-free trip you should ensure that you choose a great hotel to look after you during your stay. Have a look here for some of the best Dead Sea Hotels. Having stated that, going to a spa for the first time is a nervous experience for some. The anxiety comes when you are not sure of what to expect or what to bring along. This article highlights some of the items that you should pack for your next luxury spa destination.  

Change of Clothes

The first thing you need is a change of clothes. This will depend on the length of your vacation. If you are travelling during the hot season, pack something light. If it’s cold, ensure you have some warm jumpers or sweaters, a scarf and socks. However, even in the warm seasons you may still need a sweater especially early in the morning or after a spa treatment.


Bring along the innerwear that you will be comfortable wearing during your massage. However, some hotels do provide disposable innerwear for massage sessions. You can make an enquiry while booking.

Swim Suit

A swim suit is another essential to pack when you travel. Have your best swimsuit packed when using the swimming pool at the spa. Consider bringing an older or black swim suit. The salty water at the Dead Sea is rich in minerals which can be tough on fabric. If you wear a swim suit that you love to the Dead Sea, ensure that you wash it immediately.

Towel and Robe

Most hotels will provide you with towels and robes for use in your room as well as when going for a massage. If you are not comfortable using the ones at the spa, you could bring along your own. You will also need some flip flops to wear when you are out by the pool or when going for a spa treatment.

Workout Clothes and Shoes

Looking forward to getting fitter during your vacation? Consider packing some fitness clothes. Most Spas have a gym as well as fitness classes with a coach. You can also go for a jog outside as you breathe in some fresh air. Workouts will relax your muscles and keep you energized for the day’s activities.

Beauty Essentials

You can expect luxury beauty essentials at luxury spas, but they will not always be the kind that you like. Additionally, if you have sensitive skin, its best to bring along the products you are used to. Some of the beauty essentials you should pack include body lotions, moisturizers, face cream, day and night cream, hair care products, cleansers, makeup and makeup remover among others. Don’t forget to bring some sunscreen too.

Book, Journal or Magazine

A book or magazine can keep you busy as you travel or when relaxing by the pool. You can bring a journal or notebook to note down some of the things you learn and experience during your vacation.

To ensure you don’t forget anything, make a list before you start packing for your destination. If you happen to forget anything, ask the staff at the Spa for help. For the massages, don’t hesitate to request for the therapist you prefer.