When two unconventional creatives meet: Michel Rojkind on an inspirational tour in Portugal’s

08/10/2022 by

Michel Rojkind, Mexico's most successful architect and one of the most brilliant of the 21st century is in Portugal, where successfully participated in the First Stone Conference. First Stone Conference took place in Lisbon on 23/06 and brought together 36 artists, designers, and architects, from around the world to present over 80 pieces created in Portuguese stone.

For First Stone, the architect designed the “Yoltic Seat”, a meditation chair made from stone done in Ruivina Escuro marble. Today, continuing his creative and inspirational journey through Portugal, Michel Rojkind is visiting Ecoosteel, one of the leading companies in Portugal which undertake the most varied activities such as artistic productions and installations, design of decorative pieces, construction and particularly the production of minimalist frame systems under the renowned brand OTIIMA. 

Jose Maria Ferreira, Founder and CEO of Ecosteel, will accompany Michel Rojkind on this informal tour, as the best guide not only to present the behind-the-scenes factory operations and the creative processes but also to unfold his journey and the company's strong personality that distinguishes it internationally. 
One of the common features of these two figures: is being fearless while looking at the world from a different perspective and restlessly innovating.

As a final part of this exclusive visit, architect Michel Rojkind will also have the opportunity to visit OTIIMA’S private showroom, a space dedicated to art, architecture and design passionates. OTIIMA’s exclusive house has been featured worldwide in magazines, in addition to the Netflix documentary “The World's Most Extraordinary Homes”, which makes it undoubtedly an exceptional space for extraordinary creative minds like Michel Rojkind to get together and discuss their impact on today’s architecture and future unconventional projects.