Where to Travel Next by Private Jet


Looking for inspiration for your next trip by jet? Whether you’ve already visited the most popular places on your Instagram feed or just want to try something new, now is the ideal time to plan your next getaway to sun-speckled shores.

To help you explore exclusive resorts in far-flung locations, here’s a roundup of some of the most desirable destinations you can journey to.  


From its beautiful beaches to its baroque architecture, this island is a heady mix of laidback living and evocative sights. Its deep links with the Greeks are still evident, with classical culture on offer in the ruins and temples that can be found in Syracuse, Selinunte and Agrigento.

While you’re there: Head to the Valley of the Temples before indulging in the spicy cuisine that Sicily is known for.

Cayman Islands

The Caribbean’s Cayman Islands are a stunning part of the world. It’s also a melting pot of cultures, making it a wonderfully cosmopolitan place. While half of the inhabitants are from somewhere else, the other half radiates with its local way of life.

While you’re there: Journey to the north side of the Sister Islands. Here, you’ll find quiet beaches and excellent opportunities for diving.


Sardinia is bordered by enchanting beaches and filled with wonderfully eccentric forests, making it a getaway like no other. Its contradictory landscape fits neatly with its varied past. Today, it may be Italian, but it’s association with the Romans, Spanish and Genoese can be seen in its architecture and culture.

While you’re there: Take a trip around the capital of Cagliari, where you’ll see flamingos and picturesque palazzi, as well as its Poetto beach.   


It’s the world’s party island, but away from the super clubs, Ibiza is dotted with exclusive villas and quiet coastal spots. Its magnetic pull draws VIPs from across the world, making it one of the most sought-after islands to visit via private jet.   

While you’re there: After a day of wandering through the winding streets and alleyways of the Old Town, make your way to your luxury villa or retire for the evening on your yacht.

The Bahamas

For a truly indulgent getaway, this is the ultimate location. Filled with an abundance of beaches and reefs, historic towns and sublime cays, there is a lot to take in when you visit this part of the Caribbean.

While you’re there: Sail around Loyalist Cays before taking a break on the sands at Eleuthera.


Where will you charter your next flight to?