Y.Chroma Apparel Unveils New Collection: A Bracing Reboot of Denim for Men

11/07/2023 by

Y.Chroma Apparel, the trailblazing Lisbon-based brand that shattered the "midlife forgettability uniform" mold, is introducing an exhilarating Fall collection that centers around a refreshing reboot of denim. Founder and Creative Director Max Israel is once again breaking boundaries by redefining the way men dress, this time with a spotlight on denim-inspired Fall favorites.

"Denim has been on autopilot for ages in terms of what makes it work on a midlife physique," says Israel. "It's too tight in the morning, then it's right for about 15 minutes, then it looks schlubby the rest of the day. Honestly, there was no reason we couldn't fix that – and we did."  

Y.Chroma's meticulously crafted denim offerings embody the brand's unwavering commitment to flatter the midlife male physique. In this case, it is the redesign of the waist band, featuring a plusher waist band and strategic elastic points to maintain comfort and fit.  

"Upleveling the denim experience required a rethink on structure", says Israel. "We also doubled down on materials where even expensive jeans just seem to take the easy way out."

Accomplishing that required an approach typical of Y.Chroma – re-thinking the denim mix from the ground up: a super-premium Italian denim with a touch of elasticity, a redesign of the inside structure tailored, with extensive lining using the brand's Cognac Silk™ lining material, and obsessive focus on hardware. "We love that black, camera-grade metal, so it was natural to custom-cast all the fittings that way," says Israel.

Within the Fall collection, Y.Chroma presents an impressive array of denim-infused essentials, inviting men to embrace their unique individuality with confidence. From the sleek and versatile Lagos Canvas Shirt to the rugged yet stylish Enduro Button Fly Jean, Y.Chroma's new lineup promises to revolutionize men's approach to their wardrobes. The fusion of timeless denim with contemporary athleisure elements defines this collection, offering a fresh and innovative fashion experience for its customers. 

The new collection not only expands Y.Chroma's existing portfolio into the realm of denim but also unveils an exciting category of athleisure wear. Moreover, this collection represents another pioneering step for Y.Chroma as it introduces fabrics collaboratively crafted between Japan and Italy, infusing these pieces with opulent structure and intricate geometric depth into two athleisure garments – the Drücken Gym Pant and the Mazarin Cut Rain Shell.

Key highlights from Y.Chroma Apparel's Fall collection:

  • Lagos Canvas Shirt: Featuring distressed artisan cotton, this work shirt offers a luxurious silk-lined interior, and an innovative Japanese block fastening system for versatile pocket options. 
  • Enduro Jeans Button Fly: The pinnacle of rugged sophistication, these jeans redefine comfort and durability with a classic button fly design.
  • Drücken Gym Pant: Experience the epitome of comfort and luxury with these travel-ready gym pants.
  • Mazarin Cut Rain Shell: Structural yet supple, this shell is crafted from a unique pyramid impress fabric and adorned with leather trim and a magnetic pocket closure. 

Y.Chroma Apparel continues to challenge the norms of how men of Generation X dress by offering versatile and premium-quality clothing that defies the mundane. Each garment is meticulously designed and reflects superior quality and the brand's signature skate and surf aesthetic.

"Y.Chroma's ambition is to empower men to feel prepared for any moment in time and stand out with confidence. Our Fall collection, with its denim-inspired staples, is just the beginning of our journey to transform the way men dress," added Israel.

Starting today, customers can pre-order the new collection and accessories, prices ranging from $158 to $698. Customers can visit Y.Chroma's website at www.ychroma.com to shop the new collection and experience personal style like never before.