Eye-catching Tips for Wearing Diamonds This Summer


When you really want to make an impact, whether you are visiting somewhere exotic, going to a glamorous event, or accessorizing your favorite outfits, the sparkle and allure of diamonds are hard to beat. Adding some luxury and beauty to your look with diamonds is not only easy, but surprisingly versatile, and with the right pieces you can enjoy wearing diamonds just about everywhere, whether you are going for low-key chic for your professional and day looks, or statement glamor for evening and formal wear.

Here are some tips for incorporating diamonds into your looks for various types of occasions this summer.

Invest in Some Classic Pieces You Can Wear with Anything

If you don't already have them in your jewelry collection, some classic diamond pieces that are subtle enough to wear with anything can be the best jewelry investment you can make in terms of the amount of wear you will get out of them. Look for pieces you find beautiful, but which won't make you feel overdressed for daytime wear. When you are shopping for them, consider whether you could wear them with a casual look to add some fun and elegance or whether you'd enjoy pairing them with smart clothes for work if you tend to dress in business attire regularly. Here are some of the types of pieces that make good staple diamond classics to wear every day:

Stud Earrings

Simple studs are probably the simplest way to add some diamonds in a way that is appropriate for any occasion (with the exception of sports or the gym). They provide some pretty sparkles near your face and can set off short hairstyles or styles where you wear your hair up, as well as adding some attractive sparkle peeking through when your hair is loose and covering your ears. You can buy studs with different sizes and cuts of diamonds in the same way you can for solitaire rings. You can also consider looking for something that will match your engagement ring in style and shape if you wear one. While studs are ideal for lots of day looks, they can also pair very well with more minimalist evening styles, for example, if you choose to wear a classic black or other single color dress with a sleek chignon or other up-do.

Simple Pendant

While statement necklaces can be fun, a good addition to any woman's jewelry collection is a simple, delicate pendant that can be worn to give outfits a finished, accessorized look without stealing attention away from the rest of the outfit or looking overdressed for everyday wear. Choose a delicate yet high-quality chain in a gold color that matches the other jewelry you tend to wear regularly (for example, if your wedding ring is white gold or platinum, go for a white metal, or if your favorite watch has yellow gold details, choose yellow gold). The pendant itself should be small enough to be versatile, but you can choose whether you want something classic in design like a teardrop or something more unusual with a diamond as an embellishment.

Tennis Bracelet

Another easy way to wear diamonds, which can create a truly glamorous effect yet still be appropriate to wear with your more casual or professional clothes, is a tennis bracelet. A tennis bracelet gives you all the sparkle of a full row of diamonds and is a timeless piece, but you can choose a simple design that is perfect for day wear, as well as an option you can add to some of your evening outfits if you aren't going with a statement piece of jewelry. 


A lot of people don't wear watches anymore due to always having mobile devices like cell phones with them that tell the time, and in some ways, it does give you more flexibility when it comes to bracelets and bangles if you don't wear a watch through habit. However, a beautiful high-end watch can not only look fantastic, but can also be another place where you can add some subtle diamonds to your everyday look. While there are some fairly extravagant looking designer and Swiss watches that incorporate a lot of diamonds – for instance around the face - if you are looking for a more understated and subtle look you can wear all the time, look for timepieces that have small diamond details, for instance, small diamonds set on the face itself or on the links of the strap.

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are very fashionable right now, and while you can furnish bracelets with charms in all kinds of colors and materials, having some diamond details on the bracelet itself and in your charm collection can make your own custom bracelet even more special. If you don't already have a charm bracelet then this summer is a great time to start. Remember that charm bracelets are all about incorporating your own tastes and experiences into a unique piece, so you can find new charms when you visit places over the season and develop the look of your individual bracelet with new beads and charms that have pleasant summer memories attached!

Diamonds on Base Charm Bracelets

Many jewelry designers, including the biggest names in charm jewelry like Pandora, have some base charm bracelets that have some diamond details or diamond details on the clasps, which you can choose for your bracelet when you are picking it out. While even a very plain bracelet will soon look beautiful and interesting when you have furnished it with some charms, if your intention is to build up your charm collection over time and you want to start with just a couple of beads or charms, then choosing a base bracelet with some decoration in the form of pretty diamonds can ensure it already looks fantastic even in the early stages of building a collection.

Choosing Diamond Charms and Beads to Enhance Your Bracelet

With most modern charm bracelets, you string beads as well as charms onto the base bracelet, rather than the more old-fashioned charm bracelets where charms were attached to links on a chain. You can find beads designed for these bracelets in all kinds of shapes, colors, metals and styles, from metal filigree styles to colored beads made of semi-precious stones. These are normally how you establish a color scheme for your bracelet. You then add more ornate charms that are designed to represent different things, such as animals, plants, places, and things that represent your life and personal interests, for instance, you might have a tiny ballet shoe as a charm if you love to dance, or a tiny Eiffel Tower charm to remind you of a special trip to Paris.

Diamonds can be found on both beads and charms and can be a nice way to make certain charms stand out. While you probably don't want diamonds on every single charm or bead as the effect can be a bit too 'busy', a good approach can be to choose beads that add color and then opt for small diamond embellishments on a couple of the charms you add, to give some sparkle, and also perhaps mark those charms out as the most significant to you.

Diamonds in Statement Jewelry

Adding some simple chic to your everyday outfits with diamonds can create some elegant looks, and developing your own cute, stylish, and unique charm bracelet with diamond accents is fun, but for most diamond lovers, the nights when you get to wear some truly eye-catching statement jewelry where your diamonds can really be shown off are the best of all. Statement jewelry, from dangly earrings to bold necklaces, can look amazing, and when diamonds are involved can make for the ultimate in luxury dressing.

Creating Your Own

If you have a creative talent and want to really stand out, you can consider fashioning your own statement necklace, bangle, or another piece. Jewelry making is a hobby a lot of people enjoy, but you can ramp up the luxury by looking for the best place to buy loose diamonds and using stunning diamonds in your signature creations.

Rehearse Your Outfits

Whether you bought or made the statement piece you want to wear to make an impact this summer, the key is to find the right outfits to show it off at its best without looking like there is visually too much going on. Different styles of statement necklace work best with different necklines, too, so have in mind a few evening dresses or other outfits you want to accessorize with a new statement piece, and try them out together to discover what works best. Planning your clothing around your jewelry for a special occasion may seem like a backwards way to do things, but it will enable you to make your diamonds the star of your outfit.

These are just some of the ways to get it right when it comes to adding some beautiful diamonds to your various summer looks this season.