Frost NYC Jewelry Launches Custom Design Services for VIP Clientele


Urban fashion jewelry website, Frost NYC, has recently launched a custom hip hop jewelry service department for its exclusive clientele. Providing intricate design services to VIP customers who want one-of-a-kind hip hop jewelry, the online store aims to influence urban jewelry trends while catering to shoppers with expendable income.

"Though we've been doing very well with our street jewelry collection this quarter, we've been getting requests for custom-designed pendants and chains from our top-tier clients for just as long," explains CEO, Arthur Ilyev. "After a while, my partner,Nick Kaykov, and I decided to expand on our Frost NYC jewelry collection by offering custom jewelry design services to hip hop jewelry lovers who are looking for exclusive bling."

Before launching the hip hop jewelry customizing department, both Ilvyev and Kaykov embarked on an extensive search to find the most talented jewelry designers and manufacturers in New York City.

"Considering that Frost NYC is located in the heart of the Diamond District, it made perfect sense to invite urban jewelry creatives that knew how to craft a Jesus piece that the hottest rappers in the industry would wear to the Hip Hop Awards to join our team," Ilyev says. "At the same time, we wanted Frost NYC jewelry manufacturing experts that truly understood what karat of gold to craft a Cuban link chain with or what quality of genuine diamonds they should use to decorate a white gold diamond ring." The result was an in house team of urban jewelry experts with dozens of years of experience in creating blinged-out pieces for the most popular athletes and musicians in the business.

In focusing its custom hip hop jewelry services to its VIP clientele, Frost NYC aims to deliver uncompromising quality to luxury consumers who spend thousands of dollars on average per years on exclusive urban jewelry. "When we examined the spending habits of our most loyal customers, we discovered that they were the same clients that were asking us to make custom Frost NYC jewelry for them," Ilvey shares."Nick and I thought that this would be a great way to thank them for making Frost NYC the most successful new street style jewelry website of the year." Early sales reports indicate that the hip hop jewelry website's VIP customers are very appreciative of the new custom services, as sales have jumped 20% since the launch of their custom design jewelry services recently.

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