Luxury Breaks on a Budget


If you’re on a budget, perhaps because you’re studying a course such as a master of public health or raising a family, you might think luxury breaks are out of your reach. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to get a luxury holiday, for a much more reasonable price than you would expect. Here are some tips to help you afford that luxury break.

A Shorter Break

You can get some great deals on shorter breaks. While long weekends can still be expensive, a Monday to Friday trip during term-time can be a lot cheaper. Of course, this all depends on you being able to get time off work or study, but is a great option for those who work from home or who are studying for a masters in public health online.

Stay Close to Home

Often travel expenses are as expensive, if not more so than hotels. Choosing to take a break somewhere close to home can allow you to save a fortune in travel costs, enabling you to spend it either on a luxury hotel, or on enjoying your break. Sometimes just a change of scenery and a break from real life is all you need; it doesn’t matter how far you go.


With so many websites now offering vouchers, late deals and special offers, it can be quite easy to grab yourself a bargain. Some people are put off as they think only poor quality destinations offer these deals. This isn’t the case at all, even the most luxurious of brands sometimes offer deals in the cases of cancelations or other unforeseen circumstances that have left them with empty rooms.

Spa Days

A spa break is a great option. Spas can be very expensive, but most have options to suit everyone. You don’t have to stay overnight; even an afternoon in a spa can offer you a fantastic break. If you can’t afford all of the treatments and packages, choose something small which comes with the use of facilities such as saunas and steam rooms.

Cut Backs

There are so many ways to save while you are away. The key is prioritizing. Which elements of the luxury break do you want, and which are you willing to compromise on to save money. One of the biggest expenses, both at home and on holiday, is food. So, an easy way to save money is to avoid eating out every day. Shop from a local market, and learn local recipes. There’s no reason you can’t cook yourself a gorgeous meal, save a lot of money, and learn a new skill to bring home to impress your friends. If you are studying, you may find eventually higher education programs such as an MPH degree will increase your earning potential massively, putting a luxury lifestyle within your reach.

Even if that isn’t the case, there’s no reason a lack of funds should stop you enjoying some little luxuries - just remember to never spend more than you can afford.