13 Fantastic Father’s Day Gifts

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With another Father’s Day on approach, many are racking their brains on what to get for “Dad” that will not only surprise him with the unexpected, but that’ll also genuinely delight and excite him. This holiday, demonstrate your present-giving prowess with these fantastic Father’s Day gift ideas:

HP Spectre x360 - 13t Touch Convertible Laptop (http://Shop.Intel.com)
Perfect for the Dad who does not like to compromise, the HP Spectre x360 – 13t Touch is designed with a singular purpose in mind: to provide the user with unlimited, uninhibited freedom. This is a PC that answers any challenge he may pose, and does it all with inspiring performance.  It’s a slim 13.3-inch 2-in-1 device (think laptop and tablet in one) with a 360-degree hinge allowing users to seamlessly transition between four different use modes: stand, tent, notebook and tablet. Powered by the 6th generation Intel Core processor with Windows 10, this device offers all day battery life (up to 12.5 hours) and powerful performance, proffering an easy and seamless computing experience with the flexibility for both work and play. The Full HD touchscreen display with ultra-wide viewing angles will allow Dad to view photos, movies videos and games with stunning clarity from almost any direction. With long battery life, stellar performance and an attractive design, the HP Spectre x360 – 13t Touch is one of the best 13-inch convertible laptops I’ve seen on the market today.  Dad deserves nothing less!

BrydgeMini and BrydgeAir iPad Keyboards (www.BrydgeKeyboards.com)
If your Dad is like me and can be vastly more productive communicating on an iPad device via keyboard rather than finger strokes, then look no further than the BrydgeMini (for iPad Mini) and BrydgeAir (for iPad Air) to have him typing away in no time. These small Bluetooth-enabled attachable keyboards are ideal for an on-the-go business person, student or anyone else who does not want the bulk, extra weight and inconvenience of bringing a full-size laptop to travel or to class. Like all Brydge products, both of these are premium aluminum keyboards with backlit keys and hinges for full 180-degree positioning. They quickly and easilu turn your iPad into a thin, sleek and ultra-portable laptop. The BrydgeAir also includes built-in speakers. Both are available in three colors (gold, silver, and space gray) to perfectly match your iPad and, amazingly, the rechargeable battery only needs to be charged once every three months. Lightweight, practical and stylish, these products offer the user functionality, productivity, portability and power intended to rival any entry-level laptop.

Bluesmart Suitcase (www.Bluesmart.com)
The Bluesmart carry-on, billed as “the world’s first smart suitcase,” will keep Dad's belongings tracked, devices charged, bag secure, and trips hassle-free thanks to integrated technology that syncs to the mobile app (iPhone or Android). The suitcase features a built-in battery/charger with 2 USB ports. The substantial 10.000 mAh battery can charge your phone up to 6 times, juicing up this and any other USB-connectable device from the USB port on the back or the inside. The bag also boasts a 3G+GPS tracker with global coverage to track the suitcase anywhere in the world; a scale built right into the handle that interfaces with the app to tell you the approximate weight of your suitcase; and a remote digital lock that can be set up to lock itself when you step away and to unlock when you return. The TSA- approved smart lock provides distance alerts, notifying you if you leave it behind. Of course, the bag needs to carry you belongings, so the main compartment does provide large space for clothes, shoes, and coats, while a secondary TSA-friendly compartment is able to accommodate up to a 15″ laptop. Dimensions of the suitcase are 22″ x 14″ x 9″, making it well-suited for almost all airline cabins.

Nomad Wallet with Built-In Charger (www.HelloNomad.com)
Many of us are constantly looking for products that will keep our devices powered on-the-go while also being seamlessly integrated into our lifestyle…without requiring yet another thing to carry around. Nomad Wallet is one such item. True to the size and shape of a standard wallet but with a built-in device charger, this item is great for guys who are always out and about and rely on their cell phone to get through the day. In addition to utilizing the lightest, thinnest, strongest materials to suit the wallet design, Nomad went to the absolute extreme of lithium-ion battery tech and ultra-compact circuit boards to craft the ultra-high density onboard system: a 2400 mAh battery and Apple Lightning charge mechanism built right into the spine of the wallet that’ll provide one full iPhone 6s charge—anyplace, anytime. The Nomad Wallet will let you put power in your pocket that’s ready to come to the rescue when your phone’s battery gets low.

Evo Endurance iPhone Case (www.tech21.com)
Many Dads, and the rest of us, rely on iPhones to stay connected, and sometimes need an extra charge to get them through those longer or busier days. For this, the Evo Endurance by tech21 is a great, ultra-safe option. tech21 challenged themselves to develop a truly safe battery solution, free from the problems that today’s batteries can bring. Using unique technology, specifically designed for maximum safety, the result is what tech21 asserts is “the world’s first and lightest ultra-safe charging case.” Using ceramic battery technology, it suffers from none of the problems traditional batteries face. For example, the Evo Endurance does not emit heat, leak toxic chemical or become flammable when damaged. The Evo Endurance also provides 60% extra charge. This case also uses FlexShock to absorb and dissipate shock away from your phone when dropped from up to 6.6 feet. The Evo Endurance is easy to install and starts at the touch of a button. It provides precise access to all ports and function buttons to ensure uninterrupted use of your iPhone device throughout the day and night.

TomTom Spark GPS Fitness Watch (www.TomTom.com)
Dad can forget about wearing a slew of different activity trackers and exercise watches when he’s rocking the TomTom Spark GPS Watch—the first fitness watch from TomTom to integrate a music player and Bluetooth connectivity. Designed for all fitness enthusiasts, from the casual to the committed, this device can store up to 500 songs on the Spark. Dad can now listen to his favorite playlists while tracking steps, miles, and calories burned while also monitoring his heart rate for an optimal workout—all while leaving behind his cellphone, pesky headphone straps and single-minded fitness trackers.  In addition to music, the watch also provides users with the following features: Sleep Tracking, 24/7 Activity Tracking, Voice Coach, Built-in Heart Rate Monitor, Heart Rate Training Zones and Multisport Mode. The TomTom Spark GPS Watch will give Dad everything he needs for a great workout in one easy-to-use and downright cool-looking wrist-worn device.

Jabra Sport Pace Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (www.Jabra.com)
Don’t you hate it when your exercising and your earbuds keep slipping out, and even when they’re in the sound quality does little to keep you motivated? Me too, and I'm sure the Dads in your life would also agree! Well, here’s the solution: Jabra Sport Pace wireless sports earbuds, which provide premium stereo sound with an extraordinarily secure fit. As an added bonus, they come complete with an integrated training app that'll give Dad motivational training tips and lets him plan, monitor and evaluate his training regime. These heavy-duty earbuds are built to withstand the hardships of training—they’re sweat and rain resistant and tested to U.S. Military standards for weather and shock. A reflective cord will also make Dad more visible when running at night.

RunLites Gloves (www.GoRunLites.com)
Did you know that pedestrian fatality rates are virtually three times higher at night? This includes people walking, running and biking. Most often, those fatalities are caused by collision with a car, while other injuries and fatalities are caused by tripping or falling on uneven roadways. It’s clear there’s a problem seeing, and being seen, at night and in low-light areas. While there’s a lot of personal protective equipment and safety clothing out there, many are obtrusive and only serve the pedestrian or the passersby—until now! RunLites gloves are an innovative wearable technology solution that puts light where it’s needed most. RunLites are a wearable safety glove with a built in flashlight and padded palm pocket that can be used to store ID cards, money, or a music unit. They’re perfect for any type of nighttime or low-light activity, from running, walking and cycling to hunting, hiking or other everyday activities. The gloves provide a 135-degree radial arc of light up to 15 feet ahead to increase the wearer’s visibility, and lasts up to 12 hours. The reflective strip and adjustable power options offer additional safety. RunLites gloves are available in half-length (fingers exposed) or full-length, which are great for colder weather. Whether you’re an athlete working out after dusk, a hunter setting up the perfect spot before dawn, or simply walking the dog, RunLites are Dad's life light to use however he needs.

The Hub27 (www.ErgotronHome.com)
Perfect for Dad’s home office, The Hub27 from ErgotronHome brings added purpose to any work area and the activities that make up home life. This product, and all others from ErgotronHome, are designed to meet every day functional needs in a way that also improves wellness. The Workspace Hub27 is a slim wall-hanging cabinet with a channel allowing Dad to plug in and charge all of his devices in one location—laptops, phones or tablets. A true space-saver, this organizer also doubles as a wall-mounted standing desk: just flip its door down to create a handy work surface. Dad can sort mail, make notes or do some computing, then close it up to conceal its contents. Studies find a strong correlation between long periods of sitting and elevated risk of mortality, whereas more standing results in a variety of benefits. Standing can reduce Dad’s risk of heart disease and also provide other health benefits like increased energy, improved posture, an increase in calories burned, boosted metabolism and toned muscles. Help Dad stand more and sit less with this ingenious space saver.

Lucky Tackle Box Monthly Subscription (www.LuckyTackleBox.com)
Lucky Tackle Box is a nifty gift for the sporty and outdoorsy Dad. Fishing is an excellent way to spend quality time with family while enjoying nature’s beauty, and is an activity I personally love—especially when I’m with dear ‘ole Dad. It’s even better when he catches a big fish…thanks to me! Lucky Tackle Box is reportedly the number one-rated monthly fishing subscription box that introduces fishermen to the newest baits and fishing tackle from the best brands. For one low monthly fee, twelve times a year Lucky Tackle Box will ship a box jam-packed full of new lures and baits right to his door! Lucky Tackle Box also creates “how-to” videos for every product in the box so he’ll never be stuck with a lure he doesn’t know how to use. There are eight different boxes available for seven different fishing preferences. Lucky Tackle Box is a really great way for him to learn about—and use—new lures and techniques…and catch more fish! Lucky Tackle Box is great for that quintessential family bonding experience.

OYOBox Eyeglass Case Organizers (www.OyoBox.com)
This is a display-worthy gift Dad surely needs and can actually enjoy on the daily! The OYOBox luxury eyewear organizer will allow Dad to store and organize all of his designer frames in style. Never again will he have to rummage through dressers and drawers to find the desired eyewear, as OYOBox is a stylish, sleek case allowing Dad to easily see and select the glasses of choice. Costing less than one pair of designer eyewear, and housing up to 10 frames, the organizers can hold everything from oversized sunglasses to more minimal readers.  The OYOBox is also available in a mini for those who have a smaller collection of beloved frames, holding up to 6 pairs. Durably designed with built-in shatterproof glass top window, stainless steel ball hinges, washable interior and durable lacquer finish, this hand-crafted organizer is also super-attractive. It’s available in an array of vibrant, fashionable colors and sophisticated wood finishes to match every taste and style: White, Black, Aqua, Orange, and Zebra as well as their newest color-ways, Gold, Silver and Carbon fiber.

Soothe Massage on Demand (www.Soothe.com)
Massages often top wish lists on holidays—especially those honoring a special someone. This is one of my favorite services that’s also extremely giftable: Soothe Massage on Demand (available in select markets). This APP-driven service will deliver a licensed, certified, vetted massage therapist to any home, office or hotel room, with as little as 60 minutes advance notice. Use it to book a relaxing and invigorating surprise lunchtime chair massage in the privacy of Dad’s office or after work in the man cave. Or, pre-pay a massage as a gift allowing him to book a session at his discretion. Services include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Pre-Natal massage for individuals or couples that are available in treatment lengths of 60-90-120 minutes—each for a fixed fee that includes gratuity and taxes ($99-$139-$169). Soothe has a world-class concierge team available from 8 am-midnight to answer customer questions, concerns, help with booking appointments and other logistics. Customers can book 24-7 via the iOS or Android APP online at soothe.com, or via the toll-free number 800-960-7668 during business hours.

Mark West Black Pinot Noir (www.MarkWestWines.com)
Help Dad relax, unwind and enjoy this Father’s Day with a sumptuous bottle of Mark West Black—the dark side of Pinot Noir! The Mark West Black Pinot Noir is the deepest, darkest, smoothest wine yet from the winery known for producing great Pinot Noirs. Mark West was founded in 1978 with one desire only: to craft remarkable California Pinot Noir that delivers exceptional quality at an affordable price. The Mark West Black Pinot Noir is full-bodied, rich, and smooth, with notes of black cherries, plums, mocha, vanilla and caramel. This wine pairs perfectly with grilled lamb chops, gourmet flatbread pizza and pulled pork sandwiches.  A must for backyard BBQs with Dad this Father’s Day, and all summer long for that matter! Dad will surely sip, savor and sing your praises.


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