3 Luxury Themes for an Unforgettable Birthday Party


89% of Americans believe that birthdays are special occasions and deserve to be celebrated in style. While parents often spend more than $5,000 on a lavish kids’ party, adults often neglect themselves as far as birthday celebrations are concerned. This year, make it your goal to spend your birthday party with family and friends at a luxurious villa or function hall complete with lavish décor, an intoxicating atmosphere, and mounds of exquisite food and drink. If you truly want to make your celebration memorable choose a luxury theme, such as one of the following, around which to base everything from your invites and décor to your food and entertainment.

The Oscars

The Oscars are without a doubt the most glamorous awards ceremony of the year and also make for a very popular, luxury party theme. When planning to host your own Oscars shindig it is important to ensure that you captivate the very lavish essence of the ceremony. Choose a venue that fits your vision and offers all the amenities you require ranging from lavish bathrooms to a valet parking service. Your décor should be indulgent yet classy and can include gorgeous chandeliers, gold-stamped place cards, a variety of stylish Hollywood props and, of course, a red carpet. Champagne is an absolute must as are delicate canapés, and an ample supply of Fine or Lauquen Artes bottled water. You want your guests to dress in their best Gucci and Ellie Saab so don’t forget to mention on the invitation that it is a black tie affair.

Casino Parties

An opulent casino-themed party will enable you to effortlessly combine affluence with a healthy dose of unadulterated exuberance. Your party planner will undoubtedly have some great ideas with regards to venue, decorations, and refreshments which, together with your own invaluable input, will enable you to host an extraordinary celebration. While red and black are often used as the main color theme for casino parties, you can add to the richness by adding gold or crystal undertones to the décor. Poker & blackjack tables, as well as a roulette wheel, are an absolute must as are professional tuxedoed croupiers to attend to the table games. Hire a professional DJ or musician to supply vibrant background music and under no circumstances skimp on your food and drink. Although a scrumptious buffet-style or sit-down dinner has its own appeal, flutes of imported champagne and trays of delicious appetizers served by waiters during the course of the evening may contribute to the overall lavish ambiance of the party more.

Vintage Masquerade Ball

There aren’t many party themes that ooze opulence quite as much as a vintage masquerade does. The venue you choose for your ball is very important as it will determine the general atmosphere to a large extent.  Historical houses and baroque reception halls will be ideal and will enable you to add lavish furnishing and decorations to bring your vision to life. Carefully chosen chandeliers, candelabras, lanterns, feathers, and drapes in rich hues of blue, purple, crimson, and gold, together with intimate lighting, will lend a grand air to the venue. Opt to serve luxurious canapés such as caviar, smoked salmon & pea vol-au-vents, crispy prawn skewers, oysters and even sushi alongside chilled champagne, lavishly-garnished colorful cocktails, and freshly-squeezed fruit juices to satisfy the hunger and quench the thirst of even your fussiest guests.

Your birthday only comes around once a year, making it worthy of a luxurious celebration. Even if you feel that an extravagant party is somewhat excessive at first you and your guests, are bound to have a wonderful time at your well-planned theme party.