Five Things that Make a Villa Attractive and Worth Staying in


Yearning for a luxurious holiday vacation with your better half and little ones might be something you’ve been thinking about especially if you have been caught up with the fast-paced lifestyle of the city.

If you’re thinking about traveling to a blissful and serene destination for a quick sweet escape, you might want to consider renting a private villa tucked away from the city. Renting a villa in Zante, like Artina Luxury Villa in Zakynthos, definitely has a lot of amazing perks that we’re pretty sure you’ll find exciting and interesting.

Before you begin the endless scrolling and researching about the perfect villa that you and your folks can stay in, it is best to be aware of the different qualities that a villa must have in order for it to be called an attractive place worth staying in.

We have classified five amazing qualities that you need to look into when picking the villa of your dreams:

1. Astounding location

Villas are usually tucked away in a peaceful and uncrowded spot. Usually, they are located in highlands or even near a cliff giving guests the privilege to enjoy their privacy, the tranquil ambiance and breathtaking view from the place. It is definitely a plus point if you will be able to get a view of well-known beaches and lakes from your villa.

If you’re thinking about staying in a villa in Zakynthos, you might want to check out Artina Luxury Villa.

2. Premium facilities

Premium facilities is a definite must-have of a luxury villa. Fully-furnished rooms, swimming pools, spacious and comfortable leisure areas, delightful spas, sports areas and fully-equipped gyms are necessary parts of an attractive villa. Besides these, you should also note that villas should also have accessible play areas for your little ones and intimate spots for events and romantic retreats.

3. Remarkable services

Impressive staffing and leisure services should also be taken into account when booking a villa. There are amazing villas all over the world who offer private yoga sessions, room service massages, exclusive chefs that can cook appetizing cuisines of your choice, and a lot more. You might want to read reviews about the services and quality of work of the employees online to be sure.

4. Impressive interiors

Of course majestic interiors will not fall out of our list. Dreamy and eye-catching interiors designed by skilled architects and interior designers can definitely bring life to a place. Well-chosen furniture, color scheme, and decors says a lot about the villa.

Make sure to also check out the photos of the place –– from its outside surroundings, fully-furnished rooms, exclusive entertainment and leisure areas, down to the bathing areas of the place.

5. Availability of exciting outdoor activities for all

Fun and exciting activities are definitely appealing especially if you’re going on vacation with your kids. Festive family days and intimate romantic dates full of entertainment and endless laughter are always the best. Given this, you should always see to it that the villa you’re looking into have entertainment areas and can book you various amusing activities within the villa or around town.

With the vast number of stunning villas all around the world, you will probably never run out of options to choose from. The tip is to make sure that the villa you’re renting is worth every penny you’re willing to spend and that it is a place that meets the said qualities mentioned above. We hope that you will be able to find the perfect villa for you and your loved ones, and if you do, we wish you an awesome and memorable stay there!