4 Extremely Fragile Types of Luxury Items That Need to be Packed Safely


Many luxury items tend to be on the fragile side, and often may end up damaged when they are moved or transported. To minimize the risk of that happening, the first thing you should do is identify any and all fragile items – and then make sure that they are packed safely.

Among all the luxury items that you may need to pack, there are four in particular that you will want to keep an eye out for:


Most people own at least one set of really good tableware but unfortunately plates and glasses in particular have the tendency to shatter if not packed properly. For both these items you will want to wrap each one in bubble wrap and make sure the box it is transported in has a layer of bubble wrap on the base and sides. If there is some space between the tableware and the sides of the box, it should be filled with crumpled paper – as should the insides of any glasses.

Electronic items

Although electronic items may look sturdier than glassware, they can be just as susceptible to damage when moving. As far as possible you should try to re-package any electronic items in the original packaging (along with its polystyrene), however if that isn’t an option then you should layer an appropriately-sized box with bubble wrap and fill any excess space. If you can’t find a box that fits, check with the movers that you’re using. Be especially careful with items that have glass parts (such as TVs), and use at least two or three layers of bubble wrap to protect it.


To properly pack lamps you will want to disassemble them and remove the lampshade and bulb from the stand. Pack the lampshade separately, and wrap it as well as the bulb carefully in bubble wrap (individually). Assuming the stand isn’t fragile in itself, you can simply wrap it newspaper to transport it.

Paintings or large picture frames

Packing paintings or large picture frames can be particularly difficult, as they often won’t fit very well in any box or packaging though some movers in Okotoks do have specialized boxes that may work. Assuming an appropriate box can’t be found however, paintings and picture frames should be wrapped in a moving blanket or several layers of bubble wrap and moved individually.

Make no mistake there are other types of fragile luxury items that may need special attention as well. As a rule of thumb just make sure you’re not stingy with the bubble wrap, and also make sure that the items are always tightly packed into boxes with any excess space filled with crumpled paper, loose fill, or something else of that nature. Although it may seem like a lot of work, it is far better to make sure your luxury items are properly packed than to end up having to replace them if they are damaged when being moved. If you really aren't up to the hassle, you can always hire a company like NJ movers to do the job for you.