4 Popular Features Luxury Property Renters Are On the Lookout For


A lot of property owners think that luxury rentals can only be found in big cities that offer jaw-dropping views. The fact is that you can find luxury rental properties in farm country just as easily as Las Vegas. The way that you present your listing within your rental ads will determine if you are really offering a luxury pad or a place that doesn’t live up to the hype. If your rental property was built 100 years ago and it hasn’t undergone any major renovations in the last 10 years, you may not want to represent it as being luxury. On the contrary, new doesn’t always mean posh so think about what renters want when they see luxury properties. If your rentals showcase these next four features you’ll have loads of high profile renters knocking at your door.

1. A Private Guestroom

The master bedroom suite is a critical part of luxury rentals but your future tenants are going to want to have an equally elegant place to put up their guests. The extra bedroom can be substantially smaller than the master, but it must be nicely structured and situated so that there is plenty of privacy. Think bay windows, recessed lighting, walk-in closets, and French doors. Lay out the guest room so that it can double as an office, an exercise room or a children’s bedroom and you’ll give luxury renters a lot to think about.

2. Modern Renovated Bathrooms

Without a modern bathroom, your rental will not qualify as being luxury. Take out the linoleum tiling and use natural stone to create a beautiful shower area. Invest in chrome bathroom faucets, and a low water pressure toilet, and visitors will be blown away during showings. You want the bathrooms to stand out in your rental listing as this will get potential renters browsing the web to want to contact you more often.

3. The Quintessential Chef’s Kitchen

A major investment needs to be made in your rental properties if you want them to be luxury quality. Besides having a glass top cooking range, and other upgraded appliances, consider what else might appear in a gourmet kitchen. Install a pasta arm so that you can demonstrate its convenience to rental applicants. Have an overhead pot rack so that home chefs can organize their pots and pans with ease. These features appear in only the most luxurious of kitchens, whether they are in one bedroom cottages or oversized apartments.

4. Upgraded Heating and Cooling Systems

Simply put, there needs to be a heating and cooling system that can be controlled with a digital thermostat if you are hoping to advertise successfully for a luxury rental. Renters are going to pass your listing up if they read that your home comes with window mounted air conditioners or is heated by steam radiators from the 1920s. Of course, you don’t need to include a thermostat in each room but an efficient and modern heating and cooling system is recommended.

Luxury is what you make of it. Before you stage your rental to look modern and inviting, look at the way that it is structured. Tailor your rental price to match what your home has to offer renters.