5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Boat T-Top


Boat owners that love to spend their days out on the water already know that adding a T-Top is a great investment. It gives you the much-needed protection and shade that makes your boat outing more comfortable and can increase the resale value of your boat. When you compare a bimini style of sunshade to a T-Top, you immediately see the difference in convenience and maneuverability. There are no limitations to your ability to move freely around your boat with a T-Top and you can fish and island-hop without a problem.

Finding a T-Top with the right design and compatibility like the quality towers from Stryker T-Tops can be a challenge. There are a lot of products on the market, but the quality is not always found across the board. Let’s take a look at a few things you need to know before you buy a T-Top for your boat.


All T-Tops are constructed using a combination of steel tubing and solid pipes. The highest quality material you can buy for your boat is an Aluminium 6061-T6.  This is the most durable aluminum alloy that carries a Level 6 temper. This means that while you get a strong and solid construction you don’t get the weight that can bog you down. The Aluminum 6061-T6 T-Top is also the most resistant to corrosion which is imperative if you are cruising through seawater.

You can opt for a T-Top that is made from a lower grade level of Aluminium 6063 which is also higher grade but doesn’t give you the same level of strength. Stainless Steel T-Tops are very resistant and high quality but end up adding a huge amount of weight to your boat.



The finish that you choose for your aftermarket T-Top is not only a decision about style but of maintenance requirements. Here are the most common finishes and their benefits:


Anodized Aluminum

  • Matte finish that is great for saltwater environments
  • Provides excellent protection but requires specialized chemicals for maintenance


Anodized Brushed Aluminum

  • Distinct and stylish look
  • Can be prone to scratches


Powder Coating

  • Excellent protection
  • Available in many colors that can be customized
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Canopy Choice

Your T-Top Canopy will need to be able to take a beating from the sun and the surf. It’s critical to ensure that your canopy is constructed of the highest level of marine material. Materials that are constructed using 100% acrylic fibers will last the longest and remain strong for many boating seasons. If you go with a piece of cheaper fabric, you will end up getting a faded looking and ripped canopy. Marine fabric is highly durable and helps to protect you from sun exposure and heat stroke.

If you are looking to upgrade your boat for next season with the addition of a T-Top, take some time to investigate the market and find a quality product. The material, finish, and canopy quality will have a huge impact on the overall protection. You want to find a T-Top that is solidly constructed and will last you for years with minimal maintenance and zero problems.