The Best Islands for a Hawaii Destination Wedding


Destination weddings are becoming a popular option among couples. Not only are they more cost-effective, but they’re also more intimate. Couples can only invite a handful of people, making it easier to mingle and have fun. When it comes to destination weddings, one of the most popular venues is Hawaii. With its majestic views and perfect weather, it is anyone’s dream wedding destination. However, the choices of islands can be overwhelming as each one is equally spectacular. Here is the list of the best islands that you can choose from for your upcoming wedding:

Hawaii Island

It is the biggest island in Hawaii, so it is no longer surprising that some people will call it the Big Island. It is a perfect wedding destination for its weather and rich Hawaiian history. If you and your partner love anything about mountains, volcanoes, and dynamic weather, consider Hawaii Island. Your guests would love it that they can taste the world-famous Kona Coffee. Among the most beautiful locations on this island is the Puakea Ranch on the Kohala Coast. It is a plantation-era ranch perfect for hosting weddings.


If you love greenery, Kauai is the perfect option for your Hawaii wedding destination. Many believe that no island in the world can surpass this place’s greenery, quietness, and peacefulness. Also known as the Garden Islands, it is covered with virgin mountains and rainforests. The island’s captivating waterfalls and lush natural beauty, coupled with a breathtaking coastline, will make any wedding truly special. It frequently rains in Kauai, so make sure to plan your wedding accordingly.


If there is one destination that immediately pops to mind when it comes to island weddings, it is Maui. While it may not be as popular as the Big Island, it is still getting a lot of attention, particularly for modern couples who love the plethora of beaches that Maui has to offer. Yes, Maui has about 80 beaches that you can choose from. It also helps that Maui is home to many wedding suppliers like Accel Rentals, which can make your wedding dreams come true.


If you’re aiming for an intimate wedding, we suggest you take a look at Lanai, which is among the most secluded inhabited islands of Hawaii. The island has a laid back atmosphere filled with friendly and welcoming locals. The place has some hotels but don’t expect to see any modernities as the island itself has no traffic lights and only has about 30 miles of paved roads. Check out the Hulopoe Beach by the Four Seasons Resort as they have the most romantic spot for weddings.


If there is one island that takes the cake at weddings, it would be the Oahu. Home to the famous Waikiki resort, this island has everything you may need for a perfect wedding. You can even buy your wedding dress here. You won’t have any problems if you need to look for a wedding planner because the island has a thriving wedding industry. They even have pre-wedding packages prepared for would-be brides, including relaxing spa and massages sessions. Perhaps the main reason why this island beats Maui as the top wedding destination in Hawaii is its number of beaches. Would you believe that Oahu is home to 125 beaches?

Destination weddings are highly preferred by couples today because it allows them to plan their wedding and honeymoon in one package. Plus, they don’t have to spend much on food and venue because these islands provide the perfect backdrop. For your guests, it is a perfect excuse for a vacation.