5 Tips to Safely Move and Transport Fragile Luxury Items


Whether you’re moving house or simply transporting luxury items – it is important to pack them safely. Considering many luxury items such as delicate glass light fixtures or even high-end electronic goods tend to be extremely fragile, they could end up damaged or completely wrecked unless they’re packed properly.

Assuming you’re not sure how to safely move and transport fragile luxury items, here are four tips that should put you on the right track:

Get the right materials

If you want to safely pack anything fragile you will need the right material. Start by making sure you have moving boxes that are of an appropriate size, and some movers in Edmonton can help provide that. Additionally you may want to get some bubble wrap, hard cardboard, as well as heavy grade paper, loose fill, or polystyrene to help protect the items.

Make sure the items are packed tight

When dealing with fragile items, you will want to make sure that they don’t move around much within the box or packaging. That is where heavy grade paper, loose fill, and polystyrene can help – as it will let you fill up the empty space in the box that you’re using. For oddly shaped items that don’t really fit very well into a box, you may want to instead try to package it yourself in hard cardboard for a better fit.

Don’t be stingy with bubble wrap

Often people make the mistake of thinking that a single layer of bubble wrap is enough – and that is rarely the case. For most fragile luxury items it is best to shield the item itself in about three layers of bubble wrap – and also place an additional layer at the base of the box itself.

Clearly mark boxes with fragile items

Make sure the any box or package containing fragile items is marked clearly. If you’re using movers it will let them know that they should treat the box with care and arrange it accordingly in the transportation that is being used. Similarly if you’re moving or transporting it yourself it will reduce the risk that you mistakenly forget the box contains something fragile.

Choose the right movers

Engaging the services of experienced movers can help to ensure that your luxury items remain undamaged as they are loaded, transported and unloaded. For instance, Alberta Pro Edmonton movers not only will take special care for such items, but also have special supplies such as moving boxes, pads and other tools that can help avoid accidental damage.

Considering the price tag on luxury items, it is certainly better to be safe rather than sorry. By properly packing these items and taking all the measures you can to ensure their safety, you will may end up spending a little bit more on transportation – but you will end up spending a lot less than if you had to repair or replace a damaged item. With that in mind, be sure to follow these tips so that you don’t end up in that position.