6 Luxury Activities to Try This Summer


When the warmer, sunny months roll around, it’s no wonder people wish to experience something new and exciting to create a summer to remember. Experience the summer of a lifetime by spending it embarking on leisurely, relaxing activities, which will melt away your stress and make you feel happy to be alive. Read on to learn about the six luxury activities you must try this summer.

1.    Attend a Private Tennis Coaching Session

Sports fans wait for summer all year long as it means only one thing: Wimbledon is back! If you love tennis, why not book a private tennis coaching session at HulaHub.com and try to emulate the pros? It doesn’t matter if you’re new to tennis or an advanced player, there is a coaching session available for you, which will be delivered by an expert tennis coach. Maybe they’ll even be able to make you feel as if you’re prepping for the centre court yourself!

2.    Enjoy Afternoon Tea with Your Loved Ones

Bask in the sunshine on a beautiful restaurant terrace and treat yourself to a spot of afternoon tea. It is the epitome of luxury and refinement, so there will be no better way to spend a day in the sun. When else do you have an opportunity to indulge in seasonal cakes, scones, and finger sandwiches?

3.    Arrange a Romantic River Cruise with Your Partner

Few experiences can compare to a relaxing journey on a river cruise, as you and your partner can enjoy a delicious dinner with a beautiful backdrop. Dedicated servers will endeavour to provide you both with an unforgettable evening of good food, drink and music. So, you can toast to a successful summer with a glass of champagne and can cosy up on the dancefloor after your meal.

4.    Book a Hotel Room with a View

Make the most of the clear skies and beautiful weather by booking a hotel room with a view and a balcony and soak up a beautiful backdrop. It will allow you to escape the chaos of everyday life and simply indulge in utter luxury and relaxation before exploring the very best a city has to offer.

5.    Visit a Michelin-Starred Restaurant for Seasonal Dishes

Michelin starred chefs often only incorporate seasonal produce into their stunning dishes, so there is no better way to experience a little taste of summer. You can experience culinary delights that epitomise the season and transport you to any destination on your palate! However, tables can disappear quickly, so you will need to book soon to avoid disappointment.

6.    Enjoy a Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride

Are you looking for a fun and luxurious activity for both you and your partner this summer? A hot air balloon ride will be the perfect choice. You can guarantee your significant other will love you even more as you float across the clear blue skies, breathing in the beautiful surroundings. You can even toast to being hundreds of feet in the air together with a glass of champagne. It’s an experience you’re both unlikely to ever forget.