A Guide to a Luxurious Family Holiday in London


London is one of the world’s greatest cities, as well as one of its oldest. From the days as Londinium to now, it seems that London was always a prize for its citizens. Now, however, with budget flights and more variety in what you can see and do, London is a destination that all can enjoy. London is a metropolitan jungle with beauty and glamor. Head to London for the infamous British fashion and music, as well as the pubs and the food.

The Thing about London

The thing about London that you need to understand first and foremost is that even those who live there (and have lived there for years) won’t have seen everything there is to enjoy. There is simply too much, which means as visitors you will never be able to see all that there is to do in London during even a week-long visit. What you can do, however, is build your own custom holiday so that you and your family can enjoy a great set of experiences you all enjoy.

How to Build Your Own Luxurious Family Holiday

Some tips to help you have a luxurious family holiday include:

1.    Work With the Time You Have

You cannot see everything in a weekend, and you don’t want to rush through everything either. Instead, work with the time that you have so that you can enjoy each experience to its fullest.

2.    Limit Yourself to Things You Love

Just as you don’t want to rush, you also don’t want to waste your time on things you simply don’t care about. Narrow down your itinerary to things you specifically care about and enjoy those experiences more. If you don’t care for Buckingham Palace, don’t go; it’s not a must if you don’t want it to be.

3.    How to Eat Luxuriously in London

Be careful of Instagram restaurants, because in many cases you will be paying for the beautiful backdrop and not on the best food. Search based on reviews on taste to help you find great gems.

4.    How to Have a Luxurious Time in London

To have a luxurious time, one of the best ways to go forward is to prioritize experiences over sights or even the things you can buy and bring home. Going to the museum will hold more value to you than shopping the same stores you have at home on Oxford Street. Ending the day with a kids theatre London show will be more memorable than going to the movie theater. For punk, visit Camden, and if you enjoy hipster vibes, head to Shoreditch. However, for a classical London, Oxford Street and Chelsea can offer unbeatable luxury.

“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

-          Samuel Johnson

London is many things to everyone. For the artists of the world, it is a cultural hub. For the businesspeople of the world, it is a center of trade. It is a home, it is a tourist destination, it is whatever you make it to be. So go out there and find your own slice of London on your next luxurious vacation.