A Simple Guide to Becoming a ‘Foodie’


Maybe you are constantly in awe at the volume of cooking and baking shows on television and can never understand why people would view food as anything more than fuel, then this article is for you.

With that being said, here is a simple and concise guide to becoming a ‘foodie’.


What Actually is a Foodie?


A foodie is essentially someone who has a more refined interest in and passion for food, whether in the context of preparing and cooking your own meals or dining out in fancy restaurants.

Whereas others enjoy golfing, ten-pin bowling, needlepoint, or playing the piano, foodies see food as their hobby and will go out of their way to push the envelope when it comes to taste, preparation, and cooking style.



Benefits of Becoming More of a Foodie

Not only does fostering a more creative interest in food make for a fascinating culinary journey of discovery, but it will also provide the following benefits:

  • Access to proven-to-be effective to the therapeutic benefits of food
  • Evolving into the expert ‘chooser’ when dining out with friends and family
  • Widening your mind to other cultures and ways of life through food
  • A universal topic to talk about and discuss at social gatherings



Find New Ways of Enjoying the Food You Love

Everyone’s stomach and digestive system is different, and if you have spent many years avoiding, for example, bread as you have either a diagnosed or just personally suspected intolerance to gluten, then it is time to get creative.

Toasting bread usually removes the agitant for people who do not have a severe allergy to gluten, High-quality SimplyThick for dysphagia can make food more enjoyable again, and choosing ‘free from’ processed items can all make you fall in love with food all over again.



Vary Your Meal Choices When Dining Out

Many people, especially having booked a table at their favorite restaurant, stick to the same order time and time again, as they know they love the food and that it does not cause any digestive problems later.

However, to embrace the culinary world and develop your ‘foodie’ tendencies, you need to think outside of the box when it comes to ordering, and to help you, once you know the eatery you are heading to that evening, browse the menu online.



Remove Your Personal Enjoyment Barriers

Finally, but perhaps most importantly of all, how many people can you think of that claim to have a hatred of a certain type of food, yet you know for a fact they have never actually attempted to taste it.

Mental barriers and blocks, including a childhood association with a particular smell or texture of food or a memory of food poisoning from a similar dish in the past, should be tackled and overcome to truly embrace food.

In addition, healthy food can be more delicious than the junk food and ready meals you automatically lean towards, especially at the end of a busy week, so learn everything you need to know about how to eat healthier, benefiting both your mind and your body.