Acclaimed Michelin Tasting Menu at Alto 88

04/18/2018 by

A newly implemented 6-course Michelin Tasting Menu presented by our Michelin guest chefs over the past few years is now available at the contemporary yet stylish Italian restaurant, Alto 88 of Regal Hongkong Hotel. To show the signature dishes of the Michelin culinary journey, the tasting menu provides a chance for diners to experience creativity and authenticity of Italian cuisine in one go.

Dishes on this extraordinary menu is made of the freshest ingredients from the best of origin particularly selected by our chef. Being the first to be presented, Oyster Soup with Crunchy Vegetable and Smoked Salmon is one of the most refreshing appetizers. The combination of the freshest oyster from France and the soft and creamy chower soup base can refresh taste buds to kick off the gastronomy journey. #wanttobetomato !!! (Prawns and Gazpacho) is an innovative delicacy on the menu. The Italian red prawn tartare and Mozzarella mousse are smartly wrapped with a jelly-like skin which is made from fresh tomato juice. Serving with the tomato gazpacho and garnished with a green leaf, the dish looks like a real tomato. Mushroom Risotto with a variety of Sweet Mountain Cheese is one of the authentic yet highly recommended dishes in the menu. The risotto is cooked with two kinds of cheese which are Parmesan cheese and Fontina cheese, paired perfectly with the mushroom and chewy risotto. Adding in saffron is a highlight to the dish. Next course is the Lobster with Tangerine in which the lobster is excellently slow-cooked with clarified butter, giving a nice, soft and succulent texture and good taste of the lobster. Serving with tangerine jelly makes the dish even refreshing. Pigeon, Cantabrian Anchovy, Spring Onion, Red Chicory is another dish cannot be missed on the menu. A scrumptious pigeon breast is specially slow-cooked before pan-searing. Serving with the Cantabrian anchovy and the marinated red chicory in sweet and sour sauce made to enhance the flavour of the pigeon. Finally, Miramonti Ice Cream ends the evening perfectly with sweetness in harmony.

Delicacies are always perfect with excellent wine. Wine pairing of this menu is meticulously prepared by sommelier.

Michelin Tasting Menu

Amuse Bouche

Oyster Soup with Crunchy Vegetable and Smoked Salmon


#Volevoessereunpomodoro!!! (Tartare di Gamberi, Bufala e Gazpacho)

#wanttobetomato!!! (Prawns and Gazpacho)


Risotto ai Funghi e Formaggi Dolci

Mushroom Risotto with a Variety of Sweet Mountain Cheese


Astice al Mandarino (Maionese di Corallo)

Lobster with Tangerine


Piccione, Radicchio e Cipollotti con Acciughe di Cantabrico

Pigeon, Cantabrian Anchovy, Italian Spring Onion, Red Chicory


Gelato di Crema “Miramonti”

Miramonti Ice Cream

illy Coffee or Tea

$928 per person
Additional $388 with wine pairing
All prices are subject to a 10% service charge