Advice For Luxury Car Owners Living in Cities With Congested Traffic


Statistics show that people no longer love to drive as they used to do it in the past. But, even if the studies state that people are driving less than they used to do it, the roads are more jammed than ever. Recent reports show that the average number of miles driven by the average person has been falling out in the last 10 years. One reason is that the millennials choose to use bikes as their main mean of transportation, and they are using their cars only for certain trips. Both young people and seniors consider a good idea to walk in the city, rather than taking their cars. But despite these trends, the roads are more and more congested.

However, it is important to note that the phenomenon of congested traffic does not happen everywhere, at all the time, there are certain periods and road segments that are more agglomerated. For drivers it is a frustrating aspect to deal with, because congestion reduces the volume of traffic and it produces a negative feedback loop.

What factors lead to traffic congestion?

All drivers hate traffic, not only the ones who are owning a luxury car. The ones who are diving an expensive car have more reasons to worry, because traffic congestion can cause accidents, and it is quite expensive to repair a luxury car. When driving a luxury car in an agglomerated city, it is stressful and frustrating. When in a traffic jam people always ask themselves how their life would be, if they would not have to deal with this problem daily. It would definitely be infinitely more pleasant. We are living in a world where technology can help medicine by offering people artificial organs, so why cannot technology fix the traffic congestions worldwide?

In order to solve traffic jams, it is important to understand what causes it.

All the participants to the traffic are causing congestion. The number of cars is rapidly growing and the road system is not evolving at the same pace. The problem is that in the present city landscape, people cannot continue to expand the roads. Therefore, until the traffic system will manage to meet the needs of the drivers, it is important the drivers to follow some pieces of advice to make their life easier while in traffic.

Get insurance

When purchasing a luxury car, it is crucial to insure it with comprehensive coverage, because this is the best way to protect it from misintents, thefts and accidents. The owners should expect the insurance policy to be more expensive than the one in a regular car. The premium costs more because the replacement value of the vehicle and its repair costs are higher. If the driver has a clean driving record, they will be able to earn discounts in the future. Luxury cars are thefts’ targets, because they prefer the vehicles that feature elegant looking interiors and high performance. These cars involve a certain risk when it comes to stealing them, but they are definitely worth, considering the price they get if they manage to resell it. Also, it is important to note that luxury cars are more vulnerable to theft, because they can be accessed with the help of technology.

Another reason to get insurance is that luxury cars attract people’s attention, they are eye-candy for pedestrians and other traffic participants. When on the road some people will watch the car owner with envy, while others watch them with joy and amazement. It does not matter why they are looking; they are in great risk to get distracted and to accident themselves. And when a pedestrian or driver gets hit by a luxurious car they would have higher expectations than from a driver who has a regular car. 

Reserve your own parking lot

One smart way to avoid accidents, in a congested city is to reserve your own parking lot. Certain companies are specialised in offering people the possibility to have their own parking lots, and keep them safe and secure. The drivers who are owning luxury cars know that their cars can easily become the target of theft, and theft from a vehicle. Criminals know that the person, who is driving an expensive car, definitely has some expensive items inside, and if the car is left unsupervised in a public parking lot, it is an easy target. When reserving the parking spot in an underground parking facility, the drivers know for sure that the car is protected from experiencing damages, and becoming the target of a crime. Another advantage when becoming part of a parking network is that the drivers do not have to spend the time to search for a parking lot, they reserve it with the help of an app, and they take their car there. 

Can traffic jams be reduced?

There are different solutions that can reduce traffic congestion.

  1.  The standard traffic signals can be replaced with adaptive ones. These traffic signals are using V21 technology. They are collecting information from the traffic and according to the traffic flow; they modify the traffic signal timing. They receive data from government fleet vehicles and use the information to modify the traffic signal.
  2. The drivers should look for alternative routes. As stated above the traffic is congested on certain roads and intersections. Nowadays, drivers have access to apps that can offer them alternative routes to avoid traffic jams. The app would show the driver the traffic report and it would suggest them a different way. The app is able to change the route while the driver is in traffic, because it uses a GPS system and it counts on the data received from the other users from traffic.
  3. V21 smart corridors are a solution that can reduce the travel time with 25%. This technology is useful because it offers drivers information about accidents and weather. The road administrations should to install short-range communication units on the streets that communicate with each other, and with the vehicles that have installed compatible devices.

All these solutions have the potential to improve the status of the traffic. Owning a luxury car involves a lot of stress, but the drivers can reduce it, if they pay attention to some recommendations.