Aloha Hospitality Professionals Officially Launches Operations in Los Angeles, California

01/22/2020 by

Aloha Hospitality Professionals, (AHP), an on-demand hospitality staffing agency, specializing in staffing for events, brand ambassador, customer service, boutiques, retail, restaurant, convention, catering, warehouse staffing and more, is expanding its reach and launching operations in Los Angeles, California as of January 18, 2020.

AHP is an innovative solution to modern day hiring and is aimed at drawing top talent in the industry. Each applicant is vetted through a one-on-one virtual interview session, and offered onboarding through an integrated applicant tracking system, all seamlessly connected, offering the candidates an easy approach to joining the AHP team. This provides clients peace of mind when it comes to the quality of applicants, setting Aloha Hospitality Professionals apart from all competitors that may rely on tech-first options. What really stands out is that clients know they are not only gaining top talent, but also talent from organizations that serve our community at large.

Founder & CEO, Kat Lin-Hurtubise stated, "We are thrilled to expand the aloha hospitality spirit to Los Angeles. Our hospitality professionals -- HPs for short -- are providing more than reliable, consistent service on demand. They are providing service from the heart. It starts by hiring gig workers with a mindset of 'best self through service', people who get great inner joy by serving others. Our aim is to expand the aloha hospitality spirit throughout LA and support catering companies, hotels, country clubs, private parties, and corporate gathering with wait staff, bartenders, dishwashers, bussers and event set up and strike. Our mission is to spread joy through service and in turn feel significant satisfaction as hospitality professionals."

In addition, each Hospitality Professional is on-boarded as a W2 employee, setting AHP apart and ahead of the legislative changes that will be going into effect in many states, including California. AHP candidates are offered the flexibility of gig work, along with the benefits for being a W2 wage earner.