Ashes to Diamonds: Creating an everlasting legacy for your loved one


It is one thing to lose a loved one and it is another to learn to move on with life or cope without them when all that is left is the precious and profound memories you shared.  One of the most popular ways through which you can pay a tribute to the life your loved one lived and embrace the physical connection you shared is a cremation diamond.

How real diamonds can be created from your loved one’s ashes.

Expert cremation diamonds companies like the Swiss based Lonité which also has its American branch in Buffalo, New York use an HPHT technology which presses and transforms purified carbon into genuine diamonds.

The carbon extracted from the hair or ashes of your loved one is converted into flaked graphite in a cylinder shape.  This prepares it for the final technical steps that require pressure and temperature measurement. This process takes several months depending on the size and color of the cremation diamond to be created.

The difference between a memorial diamond and a natural diamond is almost negligible as both processes require heat and pressure. Notably, they differ in the mineral content and the process of formation as natural diamonds are minerals that form underground over a long period of time while cremation diamonds are grown in the lab using the carbon content extracted from the cremation ashes or hair  of your loved one.

Why cremation diamonds are the perfect way to remember your loved ones.

It enables you to be close to your loved ones after they have departed: Creating a memorial diamond out of the ashes of your loved one helps you establish a physical connection even in death. The size and setting for example pendants and rings, make it easy for you to carry your cremation diamond around with you.

A memorial gem is a unique way to pay tribute to your departed loved ones and can be passed on to future generations within the family. On the most recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris Jenner showed interest in turning her cremated remains into diamonds after her death, one for each her six children, an idea she got from a fan. Kris then set up an appointment with one of the renowned cremation diamond vendors to get more information.

Cremation diamonds are convenient and very affordable compared to a traditional burial in the USA. The average North American traditional funeral costs between $7,000 and $10,000 as opposed to the prices of a cremation diamond which vary from $ 1,700 to a little over $17,000 depending on the size, cut and color of the diamond.


Ashes into diamonds as a popular funeral option in the USA

Building infrastructure to support the increasing world population and industrialization in major states like New York has resulted into shortage of burial space. The few available private cemeteries are very costly and unaffordable to an average citizen. In addition, in case there is need to relocate or commute, it is very convenient to carry your memorial gem with you.

Owing to these demographics, a few religious prohibitions, the increasing need for personalized  burial alternatives and other economic factors, cremation is the popular form of burial and other body disposals in the USA and is projected to rise up to 70.6% by 2030 according to the National Funeral Directors Association. Other than sprinkling the ashes of their loved ones into the ocean or storing them in an urn at home, most people have embraced the idea of ashes to diamonds as a unique and eternal tribute to their departed.

Cremation Diamonds: It is also possible to do it for our furry friends

Just like human beings, pets are a genuine source of joy and comfort in so many homes and there is no better feeling than to have your pet close to you at all times, even after they have passed on.  Thanks to the advancements in technology today, it is also possible to make a cremation diamond for your pet as a tribute, for as long as you can provide at least 200gr of the cremated ashes or 10gr of the fur. Turning pets into diamonds can work for all types of animals from horses, dogs, cats to birds. Pets into diamonds is already a popular funeral option for our furry friends across the globe in countries like Japan, the UK and the USA.

Mourning the death of your loved one or your pet is a very trying time. However, creating a beautiful cremation diamond as a tribute to the life they lived, and the wonderful memories shared is a reminder that if we will it, our legacies live on.