Beautiful Bracelets: Luxurious and Classy Design Ideas for the Sophisticated


A bracelet can be representative of so many things and yet, it can at times, also end up looking cheap and unbecoming of the sophisticated taste which a person is renowned for. Unfortunately, money doesn’t necessarily equate to good taste, as is often illustrated by celebrities!

A beautiful and sophisticated bracelet can be something as simple and attractive as a craftily sewn together collection of glass marbles, but it’s the end result and the craftsmanship that matters the most. Check out the following few unique ideas that we have for you, which exude sophistication and luxury at the same time, but without pushing unnecessarily extravagant designs onto your wrist.

Art Deco Bracelet with Diamond and Blue Sapphires

It would be exceptionally hard to differentiate between the art deco trend which came into being back in the 1920s and the thousands of years’ old Egyptian art that probably influenced if not inspired what we call art deco today.

In jewelry, one might argue that the ancient Egyptians actually did a better job because the modern designs inspired by them are nothing short of astounding.

We are going to take the middle ground here and recommend a bracelet made in platinum, decorated gorgeously with blue sapphires and diamonds as alternating jewels on the bracelet. Astrologically, they are two of the most powerful gemstones in existence, and aesthetically, the combination would be nothing short of breathtaking, albeit extremely expensive as well!

The Egyptian theme is going to be predominant in the design, but the precise geometric patterns and the use of white metal are going to set it slightly apart from the ancient style which preferred gold and bronze over everything else. Do feel free to go with white gold instead of platinum because it is a more dependable metal than platinum.

A Coordinates Bracelet in Silver

In the introduction, we talked about sophistication in simplicity and meaning in your jewelry, so the coordinates bracelet is next on this list as it brings all three to the table.

A coordinates bracelet carries on it the geographical coordinates of a very special place that is extremely important to you for special reasons. Most commonly, the coordinates are to a place where your significant other proposed to you, but that’s just one of the many possibilities here. The coordinates can also represent the birthplace of your first child, your childhood home or just about any other location that holds emotional significance to you.

Add meaning to your jewelry collection with a coordinates bracelet from Sincerely Silver, which will represent that special moment in your life and the place where it happened, in exquisite craftsmanship which is intricate close-up and gorgeous from a distance, staying true to the theme of sophistication and good taste. If you want your particular bracelet to be more customized than what Sincerely Silver has on display, contact them directly and see if additional design elements can be accommodated, alongside the unique coordinates, of course.

The Gold Bracelet with a Scarab

We mentioned earlier how the Egyptians did a better job with jewelry than the more modern, but similar art deco style adopted much later on, so it would be unfair to not include what is arguably one of most gorgeous bracelet designs of all time.

There are replicas of this design in cheaper materials all over the internet and we do not recommend them. If you must wear the Scarab on your wrists, the beetle of rebirth and regeneration needs to be set in yellow gold.

The Scarab itself should be made up of fine quality blue lapis lazuli. It is important that the lapis lazuli chosen for carving out the Scarab is of fine quality because the cheaper versions of this rock will not be able to achieve the sophistication inherent to the blue-gold bracelet design that has been around for millennia at this point in time.

Gold and Emerald Bracelet in Leaf Motif

High-grade emeralds can be quite expensive and if you plan to use one in a leaf motif bracelet made of pure gold, a lot of fine cut emeralds will be necessary. Just in case that is not a feasible option, feel free to go with rubies instead. Not that high-quality rubies are cheap either mind you, but as the leafy design requires only small and finely cut stones, it is okay to opt for medium-grade gems.

If you can afford it though, a gold and emerald bracelet made out of tiny, golden leaves and green emerald fruits is an absolute stunner.

Craftsmanship is of the most importance when it comes to any piece of jewelry, so always look for that first. Any jeweler can put a metal piece and few gems together, but those that do it with the most intricate of creative ability are the ones worth your attention.