Born to Be Wild: 5 Luxury Cars That are Notoriously Hard to Tame


The name “supercars” brings to mind thoughts of ferocious power, a deafening roar, skid marks and lightning-fast speed. These cars are the best and most expensive the automotive world has to offer. While most car enthusiasts can only dream of sitting behind the wheel of one of these brutes, the few who have had the pleasure know that these cars are not all that they are cut out to be.

Some are rough around the edges and can be notoriously difficult to handle. The following five beasts are not only hard to tame, they are unapologetic about it and should, therefore, be approached with caution by the inexperienced.

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1. Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Its name “Hellcat” says it all. This feline from hell is known to challenge even the best of drivers. How do you keep a two-ton beast with 700 plus horses under the bonnet on anything but a straight road? It accelerates so fast that flooring the accelerator will see one doing 60mph in less than four seconds. All that can be said is that driving this car around town is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Anyone in doubt should try their luck and find out.

2. Porsche 911 R

When stationary, the Porsche 911 R bears an aura of dignity. Nothing about it betrays the beast within until the ignition is turned on. It is then that it comes to life in a deafening roar. Apparently, its German manufacturer thought it fit not to install any sound deadening in it and that’s only the beginning.

Climbing into the cabin reveals a six-speed manual transmission meant to tame the 500hp generated by its 4.0 litre V8 motor. How someone is supposed to let go of the steering wheel to shift gears at breakneck speeds is anyone’s guess.

3. Dodge Viper

The Viper is a tough nut to crack; so much so that it makes its stable mate the Hellcat look tame. Sporting a mighty 8.4 litre V10 which churns out close to 650 horses, this road bully is a terror to anyone bold enough to saddle it given its history of difficult handling and braking issues. Imagine that, handling and braking issues on a supercar.

4. Acura NSX

As far as looks go, the NSX takes some getting used to. Funnily enough, its mean demeanour is a reflection of how it treats its passengers. For one, its numb steering makes it unruly even on a good road. To make matters worse, this temperamental monster is 573 horses strong, which makes reining it in a nightmare.

5. Any Car from Lotus

Lotus specialises in making fast lightweight cars. However, as light on its feet as a Lotus is, the ride is bound to be uncomfortable and the car unreliable. In addition, driving one is a draining experience as the car requires too much driver input.

Known for their prestige and high price tags, supercars are stuff dreams are made of. Unfortunately for the uninitiated, the dream can quickly turn into a nightmare once someone is in the saddle of an Acura NSX, Lotus, Hellcat, Viper or Porsche 911 R.

These five wild cars are notoriously hard to tame and definitely not everyone's cup of tea, so don’t be afraid to clock in several practice miles before you jump in one of these monsters.