Candere by Kalyan Jewellers Launches Noor - Moroccan Jewellery Collection for Eid

05/31/2018 by

With Eid around the corner and festive shopping on the go, what better time to launch a new collection than on this holy month of Ramadan. Candere by Kalyan Jewellers unveils their new launch - Noor - musings of Morocco.

This Moroccan jewellery collection is the first-of-its-kind at Candere and is limited to 35 products only for its exclusivity. It has been envisioned keeping in mind the upcoming festivities and the need for something less casual.

Inspired by the architectural genius of Marrakech, of the kingdom of Morocco; the designs exude an aura of fairy tale romance, mystic allure and Arabian magic. 'For the girl in you that believes in fairytales'- a tagline that aptly describes the inspiration for this collection. As children we have heard stories of the Arabian Nights; this collection pays homage to those memories. Keeping in sync with Moroccan motifs and architecture i.e. intricate geometric patterns, zellige tile work and arches, Noor collection is designed around one such motif and is available exclusively for online shopping.

The collection has been designed and launched around the fact that people are considering ordering Eidi for their dear ones. Noor is a small collection of mostly rings and pendants and also earrings. Noor collection has been launched in the traditional yellow gold color, available both in 18K and 14K. The collection retails at Rs. 7,700 only and can be customized in white gold and rose gold options.