Compliment your diamond with the right engagement ring setting


When most people think of engagement rings the first thought that comes to mind is of lavish diamonds.  Rightfully so, the diamond is an integral part of the engagement ring and is also the most expensive.  The focus is usually on the center stone, and it's carat weight or clarity.   It's easy to see how the setting style can take a backseat to the diamond.

A unique setting allows for the diamond to shine and allows for a unique ring for their future spouse.  Consider these engagement ring settings and how they compliment your diamond purchase.

Prong Setting

The prong setting is a classic choice that is exactly what it sounds like.  The center stone is supported by prongs that keep the diamond in place and secure.   The benefit to this type of setting is that the prongs allow for more light to reach the diamond and create sparkle.

Bezel Setting

The bezel setting differs from the prong setting because a complete circle of metal holds the stone in place vs. the prongs of the prong setting.  The result is a more secure setting that can resist chips and scratches in the diamond while reducing snags from clothing.

Halo Setting

The halo setting can use either prongs or a bezel to hold the center stone in place.  An additional ring of stones surrounds the center stone giving the ring added sparkle.  For a more modern take on the halo setting, prongs are typically used.  For added bling, consider a double halo pictured below.

Three Stone Setting

The three stone setting utilizes two smaller stones to flank the center stone.  There are two options with this setting; some prefer to keep the diamond shape the same across all three stones while others choose to use different diamond shapes.

Cathedral Setting

The cathedral setting is more of a modification that can be made to all of the above-mentioned settings.  The center stone is raised higher as the band is the shape of a cathedral.  The benefit is an increase in sparkle as more light is allowed to enter the diamond. 

Additional Thoughts

The diamond setting is not usually considered as much as the diamond itself, choosing the setting carefully can show your future bride the amount of thought that you put into buying the ring.

Is your girlfriend highly active? Consider using a bezel setting to preserve and protect the beauty of the diamond that you have painstakingly selected for the big question.

Did you select a brilliant diamond and want to show further off its sparkle and fire? A cathedral prong setting will allow the maximum amount of light possible to enter the diamond and highlight the natural beauty of the diamond.

If you are working with a limited budget and have selected a smaller carat diamond as the center stone, then consider a halo setting.  The outer ring of stones in the halo can allow a smaller stone to look much larger and give the illusion of greater carat weight and diameter.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting the right engagement ring for your one true love.  While the diamond is the focus of the ring, don't neglect the setting as it can compliment and set your engagement ring apart from the rest.