Essentials Only Professional Kitchens Would Have


In the kitchen business, one of the major decisions to make is how to set up your kitchen. The kitchen is your restaurant’s center of life. It is the heart of the business, hence; you’ll need pieces of equipment of high quality that can withstand the pressure and high demand for daily use. However, you don’t have to have all the equipment else you wouldn’t be able to fit them all in, you only need the essentials. Below are some essentials you might need.

1.         Freezer and refrigerator

All kitchen either small or large scale is required to have a freezer or refrigerator. This is meant to prevent food items from perishing. It also serves as a cold food storage space. To meet the unique need of the industry, chefs need to buy food items in large quantities and the need for storage therefore arises.

2.         A cutting board or food preparation surface

This could be of wood or metal or plastic according to the chef’s specification. This serves as a platform for preparing all meal item, dressing, and cutting.

3.         A basic knife set

            Delving into the knife world can be quite intimidating. However, you don’t have to possess all of them. All you need are the major ones.  Few of the best kitchen knives recommended are the chef’s knife for slicing, chopping meat, and vegetables, a paring knife for tasks involving precise cutting and the bread knife.

4.         A non-stick pan or an iron pan.

A non-stick pan is recommended if you do a lot of egg cookery. In addition to it, you might also get the cast iron pan.  A good conductor of heat recommended for cooking steaks or poultry.

5.         A blender.

This could be a standard blender and immersion blender or a hand blender. They come in handy in producing soups, smoothies, or salad dressings.  The hand blender allows you the comfort of determining the textures of your blend. You can watch them go from chunky to smooth. You can basically stop when you want to.

6.         Ovens

Almost all restaurants need an oven. More especially if you operations revolve around baked goods. They are perfect for roasting, making pies and cookies, or toasting. A must have for any kitchen. There are different categories of the oven. For example, you can choose between the gas oven and the electric oven. You may also prefer a conventional oven which uses fans and cooks food faster and evenly.

7.         A food processor

You can either make use of the batch bowl processor, the continuous feed food processor, the buffalo chopper or the combination processor which combines the properties of the batch and the continuous feed food processor.

8.         Mixer and slicers

If your activity requires mixing flours and other food items, then you definitely need a mixer. It can either be a spiral mixer which mixes at a higher speed or a planetary mixer that mix at a lower speed. You will also need a slicer for cutting meat and other food items with precision.

9.         Sinks

It is very important that your kitchen provides running water and also a space where dishes can be washed. Professional chefs prefer the stainless-steel kitchen sink, a bit of old school, for its functionality and durability. The recommended one is a under-mount model, single-bowl, the deeper the better. In addition to spring for the thicker steel, you can afford—ideally, 16-gauge using a soundproof layer to minimize noise.

Thinking of making a name for yourself in the kitchen business, take a cue from the items listed above. They are enough to set you on your way.