Everything to Pack for Your Trip to London


So, you’ve made plans to arrive in the capital of the UK. You’re excited to see some of the most awe-inspiring sights that England has to offer, and you want to look stylish, feel fabulous, and also be prepared for all that the English weather might throw at you. London is a bustling metropolis with an underground network that speeds its way underneath the city – using the tube is the most simple way to get from A to B, so you’ll have to be prepared to stand if you’re traveling at peak times.

Sensible Shoes

As aforementioned, London is always on the go, so don’t expect to be able to sit down if you’re moving through central during the busiest parts of the day. The average Londoner will walk many steps from one tube station to the next. Therefore, flat shoes must take a place in your suitcase for this very reason, so remember to pack your strappy sandal and heels as well as a pair of sneakers that support the arch of your feet. Ensure that you’ve worn them before arriving in London, as the last thing you want to happen is to develop large and painful blisters.

Climate Suitable Clothes

Everyone knows that the English weather can be unpredictable – it has a mind of its own and can switch from rain to shine, hail to bright skies in what seems only a matter of minutes. With this said, it’s crucial that you’re prepared for all weather. Bring an umbrella to protect you from the inevitable rain and an all-purpose coat too. Look to trenchlondon.com to provide you with timeless sophistication and class, as well as a suitable coat that can be adapted to wear in all weathers. 

A Compact Bag

Resist the urge to travel with an oversized handbag or backpack, as these will be a nightmare to try and maneuver in peak times on the tube. Conditions on the tube trains can be extremely poor due to overcrowding, heat, and inability to move for being packed in like sardines. Will you really want a large obstructive bag when you’re having trouble finding enough room for your person? The answer is no. So, rectify this by traveling with only a small compact bag for the little possessions you need. Leave the large bags safely out of harm’s way back at your hotel.

A Watch

If you’re not in the habit of strapping a watch to your wrist, then it’s going to be a good idea to get one before you arrive in London. It’s almost impossible to avoid getting the tube if you want to move around quickly, and your phone service will be disrupted while traveling.

There’s less need for you to be on your phone unless you’re using maps of course, so think about quickly looking at the time on your watch rather than having to rummage around in your bag, and holding other busy and fast-moving commuters up, as you stand fumbling to reach your phone. Get a large trusty watch so that you can keep abreast of the time without having to rely on your cell.