Fine Dining Restaurants Are Now Offering Takeout And Delivery


88% of customers now order takeout or delivery from restaurants — up from 69% in 2019, Forbes reports. In response to social distancing measures, restaurants have jumped to implement or improve existing take-out models, and high-end restaurants are no exception. If you’re looking for a luxury dining experience at home, you certainly have no shortage of options. 


High-end French cuisine 

Alo, one of Toronto's best-loved restaurants, serves high-end French food that celebrates the highest-quality seasonal ingredients. Now closed due to public health measures, Alo have made the pivot to takeout available for pickup or delivery. The menu features gastronomic delights, such as, saffron risotto, braised veal shank accompanied by a burrata and jumbo asparagus salad, and grilled prawns. Prices are around $65CAD per person.


$800 sushi box 

Masa is a renowned New-York based restaurant and one of the only six in the city to have three Michelin stars. It’s also the only three-starred sushi restaurant in the entire country. Now, Masa is selling an $800 temaki box, which serves four people. Boxes are limited to twenty per week and go on sale every Friday night. For most people, takeout is ordered via food delivery apps like Just Eat and Uber Eats. These systems increase convenience for customers and let businesses successfully unlock new markets. However, you won’t find Masa takeout listed on conventional platforms — or even on higher-end reservation systems like Caviar, Seamless, or Tock. Orders are taken solely by email. The sushi box includes slices of akami tuna, salmon, toro, tai sea bream, kanpachi, and toro sashimi, along with wasabi, giner, and soy. However, Osetra caviar is the standout item. Diners are instructed to let the box sit at room temperature for thirty minutes before consuming; this gives the caviar time to meld with the toro below, creating “a pungently fishy, sticky mess”, which permeates through the rest of the box. 


Wagyu beef to-go

An upscale Japanese restaurant based in Toronto, Aburi Hana offers a lavish dining experience with dishes inspired by Kyoto-style Kaiseki (a luxury, elaborate, and precisely-executed Japanese tasting course). Diners are now able to order takeout options, including Wagyu beef with black truffle, maple black garlic sauce, and seasonal vegetables for $85CAD. They’re also offering Oju platters featuring delectable bespoke tiers of seasonal offerings. 

Having increased dramatically over the year, takeout orders show no signs of slowing down. Thanks to restaurants like Alo, Masa, and Aburi Hana, a fine dining experience at home is now accessible to those who can afford it.