Here Are the Top 5 Restaurants to Enjoy on Your Holiday in Mykonos


So, you have decided on a holiday in Mykonos, that highly popular Greek island in the Aegean Sea. While so many of the Mediterranean islands have made the top ten list of must-see Greek islands, Mykonos is only recently coming into its own. Although this particular island is one where you’ll want to eat at a different restaurant every day of your holiday.

Many people often make the mistake of booking an all inclusive holiday, not realising that this might restrict their option to try many different foods on the holiday. When visiting Mykonos, you cannot possibly avoid eating out as much as possible! For this reason, renting luxury villas in Mykonos might be the best idea for you, as they provide the high quality living of a 5 star hotel, but allow you more freedom to eat out since they are mostly self catered. If not eating out at night, then a Greek luncheon would do quite nicely before heading back to your villa to change for the night’s activities. And, by the way, if it’s action you are looking for, Mykonos is just the place to find it! There is nothing quite like Greek food and certainly nothing like Greek entertainment, so you’ve hit the jackpot in Mykonos.

Now then, onto those amazingly delicious five restaurants that you’ll want to enjoy.

1. Kadena on the Waterfront – Mykonos Town

As the name would imply, this extremely popular restaurant on the marina’s left side can be found by looking for the blue-domed chapel. The menu is said to be quite imaginative and as it highlights risotto topped with leeks and goat’s cheese (a Greek staple), you’ll get a taste of authenticity when you have that as a side with your lamb, chicken, and pork gyros. One of the interesting things about this dish, is that you actually don’t pronounce the ‘g’ in gyros. If you want to sound as authentic as you’ll be eating, say ‘YEE-ros’.

2. M-Eating – Mykonos Town

M-Eating has easily been voted the best restaurant in Mykonos many years in a row. Since you are staying at the best villas in Mykonos, you really must eat at a restaurant that features white linen tablecloths on their iconic outdoor terrace. Each dish on the menu is said to be a visual masterpiece and the waiters are quite knowledgeable on which Greek wines you should order that would best suit your entrée. This fine dining experience is only open for dinner, but it is well worth the effort of making a reservation as soon as you know which night you’ll be dining there.

3. Sakis Grill House – Mykonos Town

Here again, if it’s an authentic gyro you want, Sakis Grill House in Mykonos Town is a great place to find authentically delicious gyros. While this is a popular haunt for late night clubbers, it is also open around the clock so that you can eat a delectable breakfast after a night of partying or a luncheon to break up a day of sightseeing and shopping. Who could leave Greece without eating a gyro at least once?

4. Elia – Elia Beach

Now then, so far, we have visited restaurants on the waterfront, restaurants in town, but what about a top-rated restaurant on a sandy beach? What island in paradise wouldn’t have at least one popular beachside restaurant with all the classic local favourites? Are you looking for seafood? Why not seafood literally on the beach? Try the Aegean shrimp dishes or the grilled squid. From lobster linguine to the fresh daily catch served with Greek orzo, this is the place to sample local seafood cuisine.

5. Hippie Fish – Agios Ioannis Beach

It certainly sounds like Greeks love their seafood, and that is certainly evident by the great number of fish and seafood restaurants you’ll find in Mykonos. This particular haunt is attached to a hotel with a boutique and has a large indoor and outdoor seating arrangement, so you can eat in the atmosphere of your choice. The Hippie Fish features a daily catch and serves some of the finest Mediterranean and Greek foods anywhere in the Greek islands. However, you absolutely must try paella Aegean-style or Mykonos sausage, which you won’t find prepared anywhere quite like the Hippie Fish.

Take the Break You Deserve on Your Mykonos Holiday

Even if you have chosen to stay in some of the most amazingly attractive villas in Mykonos, you will want to sample the local foods most nights of your stay. Each villa does have a lovely kitchen from which to cook, and each is also equipped with all the tools you’ll need to prepare your own meals. But even so, you are here to be waited on in the lap of luxury, so make the most of it. Your holiday in Mykonos will be over soon enough and you can do all the cooking you want at home.

For now, let the amazing staff at those villas pamper you and eat out as often as possible as well. This is your holiday so live each day to the fullest. There’s always next year to try your hand at Greek cuisine. For now, enjoy the service. You deserve it!