Holiday Gift Picks for a Season of Splendor

12/04/2023 by

As the holiday season approaches, the spirit of giving comes alive, and the search for the perfect gifts begins. In a world brimming with possibilities, finding the ideal present that combines thoughtfulness and delight can be both exciting and overwhelming. Fear not, for our curated holiday gift guide is here to transform your seasonal shopping into a joyous adventure. From timeless classics to cutting-edge innovations, join us on a journey through a selection of handpicked treasures that are sure to bring smiles and warmth to your loved ones this festive season. Embrace the spirit of giving with our carefully crafted guide featuring gift picks across key categories, ensuring that your gifts are wrapped in the warmth of holiday magic.

***** GADGETS *****

ZVOX’s AccuVoice Soundbar & Portable Bluetooth Speaker (
When you can’t hear the dialogue of your favorite movie or TV show, what do you do? Turn the volume up on your system, of course. But, ZVOX’s AccuVoice355 Low-Profile Dialogue Enhancing Soundbar proves that there’s actually much more to getting better quality sound. The freshly designed, ultra-slim TV speaker offers six levels of the patented AccuVoice dialogue clarifying feature, which uses hearing aid technology to lift voices out from the rest of the soundtrack. This SuperVoice technology softens background sounds, so they don’t interfere with voice intelligibility. And, unlike competing products, the ZVOX algorithms boost and clarify voices without any significant volume or tonal change to other parts of the soundtrack. Plus, the 24-inch-wide soundbar can be placed just about anywhere and is easy to install. Simply connect the device’s single wire to your television, plug it in the wall, turn down the sound on your TV speakers and get high-quality sound on every program. The AccuVoice355 Low-Profile Dialogue Enhancing Soundbar system also includes unique features like the ZVOX Output Leveling function that levels those always-too-loud commercials with its special modes and settings options. It also boosts audio from a DVD or Blu-ray player that isn’t delivering audible sound. Also great for the holidays is ZVOX’s AV70 Portable Bluetooth AccuVoice Speaker. It connects to your phone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth or a connecting wire so you can hear every word clearly, even at low volumes. This eliminates the need for users to ask for participants to repeat themselves, helping to make video conference calls even more productive. The 4x2.2-inch device is versatile and can also enhance your music, movie and TV-watching experiences.

Access4 Portable Computing Mini PC Stick from Azulle (
Enhance your loved one’s business and home entertainment with the Access4 Mini PC Stick from Azulle. Imagine having the power of a full-fledged computer, but without the bulky hardware that takes up valuable space. Azulle’s Access4 is the company’s most popular solution due to its versatility, fanless construction and multiple features—delivering seamless processing power in a pocket-sized package for when you need computing power on-the-go. Powered by the latest Intel processor, this mini PC stick offers customizable storage options and supports various operating systems, such as Windows 11 Pro, Zoom and Linux. Plus, the device is easy to set up and can be connected directly to the HD port of a monitor, projector or TV—eliminating the need for extra cables and is ideal for those with limited space or are in need of a computing solution for digital signage, media playback, videoconferencing, home office and more. Compact yet powerful, the Access4 boasts multiple ports, including a certified HDMI port and a USB Type-C port for dual-display capabilities. It also features a built-in Wi-Fi antenna and an Ethernet port for reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity. But, the Access4 mini PC stick isn't just about work—it's also perfect for unwinding after a long day with its home entertainment capabilities for streaming, web browsing and cloud gaming.

Pixsee’s Smart Baby Monitor (
Do you have a new parent on your holiday shopping list this year? Give them some peace of mind with Pixsee’s Smart Baby Monitor, which keeps parents at ease by helping them keep an eye on their bundle of joy’s daily activities. The device plays music to soothe and console babies when needed, helps them deal with the dark and is the perfect companion for traveling with the additional camera stand. The technology’s Covered Face Detection feature alerts users when something is covering the baby’s face, while the Area Detection lets you set a safe zone to know when the child is moving in or out of it. The five-megapixel and six-layered optical lens provide clear videos, with the camera’s 160-degree, ultra-wide view allowing parents to see all corners of a room with zero distortion. Plus, the smart monitor allows users to instantly playback video, or watch the 24 hour livestream, in sharp, high-definition resolution. The device’s Smart Music Box automatically detects cries and plays calming sounds, while its Smart Capture automatically takes 6-12 quality images a day for a digital keepsake. Allow friends and family to see their baby’s growth from a different perspective, and create a visual diary to look back on for years to come.

iPhone Cloud Gaming Controller from RiotPWR (
For that favorite gamer in your life, RioPWR offers the RP1950 iPhone Cloud Gaming Controller that turns your mobile into a console that lets gamers play instead of tapping on the screen—whenever, wherever. Built for gamers by gamers, RiotPWR prevented any unnecessary latency caused by Bluetooth connections with its directly connected gamepad controller, which features an ergonomic design and a removable mobile support post for tactical comfort and agility. Plus, the RP1950 is compatible with more than 1,000 games, including Xbox Cloud Gaming, Stadia, PS Remote Play, Steam Link, Amazon Luna and more. Everything you need is included—simply plug in and play. This cloud gaming controller features an improved version of the company’s pass-through charging technology that powers up as you play for unlimited gaming without draining your device. It also comes with an Audio DAC and headphone socket. Whether online or offline, the RP1950 allows users to operate and instantly share gameplay with its dedicated share button—providing owners extended gameplay without compromise.

RocketFire Propane Torch (
Perfect for lighting a grill or fire pit, starting a campfire or searing steak, the RocketFire Torch is reportedly the fastest fire starter on the planet. It's also an ideal gift to help your loved one reclaim their time with friends and family. With typical fire starters, such as paper, logs, starter squares and lighter fluid, grilling can be a long and frustrating process—taking anywhere from 12-14 minutes to ignite and keep a steady fire going. The RocketFire Torch roars to life in a burst of flame that quickly and evenly lights a charcoal grill or fire pit. Simply place the tri-flame tip in the center of the charcoal or wood and allow the 60-degree flame to do all the work, without the need to add lighter fluid or chemical-soaked bits that could affect the taste of your food. You don't even have to coax a fire to life by blowing on it or adding kindling. Plus, there's no finicky cords or overcomplicated instructions. Just push the button and hear the rocket roar. Producing 2,000-degree heat within seconds, RocketFire Torch is the superior solution for fast and reliable fire starting. It’s made of quality stainless steel, brass and aluminum alloy and is safe, easy-to-use and offered with a money-back guarantee. The propane-fueled device is also compatible with Big Green Egg, Kamado and Primo ceramic grills, fire pits and charcoal smokers.

JLAB’s Neon Wireless On-Ear Headphones & Epic Air ANC True Wireless Earbuds (
Not sure what to get that music lover on your holiday list? Help them look cool and feel good with the Neon Wireless On-Ear Headphones from JLAB. These colorful headphones sit softly on the ears and head with their ultra-plush faux leather and cloud foam cushions, giving wearers endless comfort every time they jam out. And it truly is a jam session, since the wireless headphones pack a punch with 40-millimeter neodymium drivers. Plus, JLAB’s exceptional C3—or Crystal Clear Clarity—allows owners to immerse themselves in vibrant highs, mids and bumping bass for 30-hour Bluetooth playtime. Built for everyone who loves to rock out, the Neon Wireless On-Ear Headphones’ circular ear cups rotate 80 degrees and fold up in the palm of your hand, while their quick click track control easily adjusts the volume, play or pause and skip tracks. Users can even accept or reject calls while wearing the headphones and utilize the accessory’s universal mic. For those who prefer the low-profile experience, JLAB’s Epic Air ANC True Wireless Earbuds feature 12-plus hours of Bluetooth playtime in each earbud and 36-plus additional hours from the charging case. With a product called “Epic,” you know it comes with all the bells and whistles. The device’s Smart Active Noise Cancellation function adjusts to the environment and continually learns how to best cancel noises. And, with the new JLab Sound app, users can customize the Active Noise Control settings, touch controls and sound to their personal preferences. Other features include wear-detect sensors, IP55 sweatproofing and movie mode to elevate any film-watching experience.

‘WiFi on Steroids’ GenX MEGA Booster from Camping World (
Boost your favorite traveler’s internet signal this December with the WiFi on Steroids GenX MEGA Booster from Camping World. This device powers your connectivity in any room where there’s a weak or unsatisfactory connection—reliably repeating and amplifying the router’s signal for factory-rated coverage of up to 500 meters. The five-function WiFi on Steroids GenX MEGA Booster includes four external antennas, a WiFi repeater, extender, router, access point and bridge. Simply put, it provides wireless transfer speeds up to 300 megabits per second—offering a better performance for web surfing, emailing and file-sharing while on-the-go or off-the-grid. Even more, the WiFi on Steroids GenX MEGA Booster’s router has the speed and range to charge a complex set of networking applications, which creates an efficient mobile office or entertainment network in no time. Easy to use and install, the device’s small size and wall-mounted design make it simple to deploy and move with flexibility. Holiday shoppers can snag the new WiFi on Steroids GenX MEGA Booster at Camping World, the nation's largest retailer of RVs, RV accessories and RV-related services. Upgrade your loved one’s outdoor living experience by extending their internet’s range and signal strength further than ever before.



The Rocket Tennis Racquet Bag by Tennis C Williams (
Surprise your favorite tennis enthusiast, or someone just getting into the sport, this holiday season with the ultimate tennis racquet bag: The Rocket. With its sleek design and innovative features, Tennis C Williams developed this top-notch tote that houses everything from shoes to the smallest accessories—transforming its owner’s pre-game prep and post-match unwind into a seamless, enjoyable experience. Key features of The Rocket include an all-black color scheme with tennis ball yellow highlights; high-grade materials throughout, such as 1680D ballistic nylon and advanced lining material to provide superior durability and protection; and even color-coded YKK zippers that make it a breeze to access racquets and tennis balls. Players will also enjoy the bag’s ultra-lightweight and versatile carrying options—by handle, over the shoulder or as a backpack. It can stand up by itself and includes a ring for fence mounting to amplify convenience and functionality. After all, usability was key for the tennis players-turned-creators behind the Tennis C Williams brand. They're focused on emphasizing quality materials and construction to create the smartest and most durable bag on the market. Meticulously crafted for those newly in love with the game, to seasoned league competitors and regular club players, The Rocket will ensure your loved one steps onto the court ready to go.

BADESOFA’s Bath Back Pillow (
Turn your loved one’s bathtub into a relaxing oasis this year with BADESOFA’s Bath Back Pillow. Helping to create a space free of sharp edges and rough spots, BADESOFA’s back pillow was founded with the goal of revolutionizing the bathing and wellness experience by providing therapeutic head, neck and back support in a tub without slipping or floating. Bathtubs have one thing in common: they are often too large or steep, and they are almost always too hard and uncomfortable. For founder Natalie Steger, even bathing in her beautiful but oversized bathtub felt more like acrobatics than relaxation. Now, with BADESOFA, this revolutionary water-resistant cushion is an innovation for total comfort from head to toe. Enjoy sofa-style relaxation for your head, neck, and back—effortlessly maintained with CleanDry+ technology. Even more, prioritizing a therapeutic bath experience not only reduces stress but can also promote better sleep, relieve muscle tension and alleviate headaches. Complete the set with the company’s optional foot and seat cushions. Available in a range of colors to match anyone’s bathroom style, BADESOFA’s modular comfort for the tub is sure to be a hit for the holiday season.

Bath Pillow by Magnolia Soap & Bath Co. (
For portable bath time comfort perfect for those R&R oriented vacations, treat that special someone in your life to their own Bath Pillow from Magnolia Soap & Bath Co. It is the perfect on-the-go bathroom accessory that securely suctions to the wall or tub for a hassle-free and relaxing soak. Made from ultra-soft and absorbent terry cloth, users need only to inflate and place the Bath Pillow at the desired location for instant comfort. When finished, the pillow deflates and is foldable for easy storage under the bathroom sink or drawer. The best part: It’s machine washable and fast-drying! Since 2016, the company has focused on offering customers a plant-based alternative to traditional beauty products—believing beauty doesn’t have to come at the expense of your health. Magnolia Soap & Bath Co. only uses domestically-sourced, naturally-grown ingredients in all of its recipes, which are free from harmful additives and stocked full of nourishing goodness. Pair this bath pillow with one—or a few—of Magnolia Soap & Bath Co.’s luxurious bath bombs and soaps to give a loved one the ultimate self-care experience.

F&J Outdoor’s  Patio Furniture Covers (
Experience the luxury of a long-lasting, weather-resistant outdoor furniture cover with F&J Outdoor’s protective patio furniture coverings like its 2023 Edition Patio Sofa/Bench/Loveseat Cover. Designed to withstand the test of time, this isn't any ordinary furniture outerwear—it's an investment in protecting your outdoor furniture from the elements. The brand’s heavy-duty, upgraded fabric is robust, resilient and crafted to repel both tearing and fading. In fact, it’s not only waterproof, but also anti-UV thanks to the cover’s tightly woven material and innovative coating. F&J Outdoor’s 2023 Edition Patio Furniture Covers also features adjustable leg straps and quick-release buckles, ensuring a secure fit that won’t slip or blow away in windy conditions. The versatile design was crafted with ease of use in mind, and includes handles for effortless installation and removal. Plus, it features air vents to prevent condensation, so your patio furniture remains safe and dry. Each cover even comes with a storage bag for convenience. Equip your loved ones with an all-weather protection option that’s functional for any season this year—shielding their patio seater against whatever conditions Mother Nature throws their way.

TREK All-Natural Insect Repellent from Lemongrass Farms (
Are you or your loved ones tired of using chemical-filled bug sprays that leave a lingering, unpleasant odor on your skin? You would do well do try TREK, an all-natural insect repellent that is great for keeping pesky insects like mosquitos and house flies at bay. Its bio-based formula, which includes a blend of essential oils like lemongrass, cedarwood, peppermint and geranium, naturally repels insects without causing harm to you or the environment. TREK is also free from synthetic fragrances and preservatives, making it great for sensitive skin. Not only is TREK a leading all-natural bug spray, it’s the first of its kind to also feature built-in moisturizers and menthol-based ingredients that cool and soothe the skin. Lemongrass Farms is dedicated to developing the best botanical products on the market—utilizing an in-house chemist who solely focuses on creating safe, effective and all-natural insect repellents. The brand’s formulas have been carefully crafted to provide maximum protection against insects. They have also been tested and proven effective for everyday use. Plus, its powered by clean air rather than flammables, so eco-conscious consumers can feel even more confident in their purchase.


***** STYLE *****

Men’s ROAM Sneakers by KURU Footwear (
Level up his footwear this year with KURU Footwear’s ROAM Men’s Sneakers. Dubbed “the epitome of comfort in a timeless style staple,” ROAM offers wearers an alternative to flat, flimsy soles and allows them to step into a world of heel-hugging bliss and exceptional arch support. KURU Footwear’s sneakers are available in leather or breathable, cotton canvas and feature KUROSOLE’s patented technology that dynamically flexes with each step to protect your heels. The curved, heel-cupping design protects the body’s natural cushioning system—the heel pad—so your feet stay happy and healthy for all of life’s moments. ROAM also allows owners to bid farewell to costly, cumbersome inserts with the sneakers’ built-in orthotic-style support that is included in every pair. The brand’s revolutionary “ultimate insoles” offer ergonomic cushioning that molds to the unique contours of your feet over time, while the shoe’s roomy toe boxes offer pain relief beyond belief—ensuring a personalized fit like no other. ROAM comes in four different colors and are the ideal present to help your loved one dress up or down for comfort and style in almost any occasion.

Hiking Boots for Women and Men from Hi-Tec (
Who says you can’t have great-looking hiking shoes that are stylish and won't break the bank? The Women’s Apex Lite Low WP Hiking Shoes by Hi-Tec have all of the tech needed for a day on the trail—and are still suitable for grabbing drinks or food afterwards. The sneaker’s customizable lacing system provides a comfortable and secure fit with plenty of security for treacherous terrain, while Hi-Tec’s waterproof Dri-Tec membrane keeps feet dry and warm below the surface. The gusseted tongue of the Apex keeps debris out, and the forked shank provides protection for additional stability. Add in the sneaker’s multi-direction outsole and its OrthoLite Impressions sock liner for superior cushioning, and wearers are well-equipped to tackle whatever is ahead. For the guys on your gift list, Hi-Tec’s Men’s Ravus Mid WP Hiking Boots are a no-holds-barred shoe for those who want to get after it with speed and style on the trail. Hi-Tec pioneered the light-hiking category nearly 50 years ago, and the company’s new Ravus continues the tradition. It features Hi-Tec's waterproof Dri-Tec membrane, multi-direction outsole for varied terrain and an embedded shank within the sole to offer extra response and protection underfoot. Similar to the Apex Lite WP Hiking Shoe, the boot’s gusseted tongue helps keep sand, pebbles and other debris out.

Yosi Samra Footwear (
If you are looking to add a level of comfort to your footwear game, Yosi Samra has you covered. Its Palmer Sneaker in Natural Multi is the comfy and light sporty shoe designed to be lived in—taking crossover styling up a notch with color blocking and a molded platform sole. The leather and suede tennis shoe features a contrast heel, toe and vamp detail, and brings a touch of fun with embossed snake print detailing. In fact, Yosi Samra’s runway-inspired styles have been worn by household celebrity names like Halle Berry, Vanessa Hudgens, Sarah Jessica Parker and more. For shoppers who want to maximize comfort in their shoe selections, the company’s Nora Slide was created to fit the wearer snugly for ease of movement and flop-free steps. These are faux-fur covered and include a durable outsole, making them ideal for indoor-to-outdoor styling. From loungewear to denim and dresses, these soft statement-makers are versatile enough to pair with your entire wardrobe. Both shoes also include Yosi Samra’s signature dust bag with every purchase to protect your footwear from dirt and scratches. The global brand earned its reputation for making shopping for trendy and comfortable shoes fun with the creation of its foldable ballet flat—elevating the popular style with its superior craftsmanship and materials. Now available in more than 1,000 boutiques across the U.S. and 85 other countries, Yosi Samra provides customers with stellar footwear options without having to sacrifice on style.

Medical Scrubs Collection’s Jogger Pants & Infinity Premium Footwear (
Enhance someone's casual pant style this year with the Landau Forward Women’s Banded-Bottom Jogger Scrub Pants from Medical Scrubs Collection. These mid-rise bottoms feature a stretchy rib-knit waistband and an internal drawstring for a clean look with an adjustable fit. Their soft, rib-knit leg cuffs and hidden panels down the inseam of the pant legs allow for ample freedom of movement without having to skimp on aesthetics. The Landau Forward Women's Banded-Bottom Jogger Scrub Pants’ modern and tailored fit also feature moisture-wicking, super stretch fabric that provide the comfort and flexibility needed for long workdays. Even more, their design includes seven convenient pockets, like the secure-zip cargo pocket to keep essentials within reach. Shoppers can choose from 14 color options and 10 sizes to best suit any wearer. And, if that isn’t enough, Medical Scrubs Collections offers custom embroidery for an added personal touch. When it comes to clothing comfort, most workers in the healthcare industry know that securing durable shoes is priority number one. DART’s Infinity Premium Footwear provides women with a lightweight, supportive shoe for all-day wear. These slip-resistant kicks showcase an EVA midsole, arch support, heel cupping and a mesh upper that promotes circulation. The shoe’s antimicrobial-treated lining also works overtime to reduce pesky odor. From breezy joggers and comfy jackets to khaki and maternity scrubs, Medical Scrubs Collections offers a vast array of chic fashions for all occasions.

Amelia Rose Design’s Birthstone Solitaire & Constellation Layered Necklaces (
Simplify your gift-giving this year with timeless options that will wow any person on your list. Amelia Rose Design’s Birthstone Solitaire Necklace features a dainty, sparkling bezel-set birthstone in either gold vermeil or sterling silver. A perfect and classic keepsake that they can keep forever, choose from all 12 birthstones that represent the recipient’s birthday, or that of another significant loved one, to fashionably wear around their neck. The brand’s Birthstone Solitaire Necklace is adjustable, expanding from 16-18 inches for a perfect fit, and arrives gift-ready on custom carding that corresponds to the month and birthstone. Pair with corresponding Birthstone Studs for a full matching set. For those more attuned to their horoscope than birth month, Amelia Rose Design’s Constellation Layered Necklace includes a constellation charm emphasized with cubic zirconia accents. This delicate piece is suspended by a delicate, adjustable paperclip chain that can be worn at 16 or 18 inches. The 14K gold-plated Constellation Layered Necklace arrives gift-ready on constellation carding that matches the selected zodiac. Amelia Rose Design is a female-founded company based in Boston, Massachusetts. It has grown to nearly 100 stores across the globe, with several pieces appearing in Vogue, O Magazine and Cosmopolitan. Even more, Amelia Rose Design partners with various organizations—giving 100 percent of the profits to their efforts.

Ben Garelick’s 2-Inch Real Gold Hoop Earrings (
Who says classic elegance can’t be trendy? The Large Thin 2-Inch Gold Hoop Earrings from Ben Garelick seamlessly blend classic sophistication with the hottest fashion trends—making them a must-have accessory for every modern woman. Crafted with precision and care, these hoops boast a generous two-inch diameter that exudes confidence and style. The lustrous, 14-karat gold adds a touch of luxury, making them perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions. But, the true beauty of these earrings lies in their versatility. Whether heading to the office, a casual brunch or a chic evening soiree, the hoops effortlessly elevate anyone’s look. Their sleek and lightweight design ensures comfort throughout the day, while embracing a classic appeal that will never go out of style. Pair these earrings with any outfit and you'll instantly elevate you or your loved one’s fashion game. The Large Thin 2-Inch Gold Hoop Earrings are available in 14K yellow, rose and white gold. Ben Garelick got its start in 1952 as a family-owned jewelry wholesaler in Buffalo, New York—growing its reach to customers across the web. One of the many reasons so many customers choose the company is its knowledge of diamonds, fine gemstones and gold, as well as their choice to work with the finest jewelry designers in the world.

GLAZD Jewels’ Black Geneva Band & Black Tennis Necklace (
Help elevate that special someone’s look this holiday season with one of GLAZD Jewels’ classic sterling silver pieces. The Geneva Band in Black is dainty, yet eye-catching with its stylish design, and pairs great alone or stacked with bigger rings. This beautiful band is made with full sterling silver, added rhodium plating and GLAZD Jewels’ organic coating to keep the accessory tarnish-free for years to come. Even more, the Geneva Band doesn’t contain nickel, lead or cadmium. To enhance the ring’s longevity, the company recommends users store their jewelry in a clean, dark space and inside the special pouch that comes with your purchase — when not in use. Another popular item in GLAZD Jewels’ collection, the Black Tennis Necklace, is a staple accessory that easily transitions from day to night. Made similarly of full sterling silver, rhodium plating and the brand’s organic coating, this sparkling necklace is tarnish-free, hypoallergenic and waterproof. The affordable luxury jewelry brand got its start in 2018 with a mission to provide customers with stellar customer service, unbeatable prices and high-quality, on-trend pieces that are fit for any occasion at any time.

The Don Javier Briefcase from Lazarus Artisan Goods (
Give the gift of classic utility this holiday season with The Don Javier Briefcase from Lazarus Artisan Goods. This workplace go-to can comfortably hold a 14-inch laptop, file folders and a binder—safely securing your belongings with ease. Handmade in Honduras, the Don Javier Briefcase features 100 percent genuine leather and includes two large interior sections, one small front pocket and two buckle closures in its construction. But, along with the craftsmanship of the product, Lazarus Artisan Goods’ true value shines through its mission: to bring the best-crafted leather accessories to the marketplace, while providing artisans in rural Haiti and Honduras with vocational opportunities to live abundant lives now and in the future. Partnering with Mission Lazarus, the feel-good brand cherishes its relationship with local artisans and is passionate about its heirloom pieces that only get more beautiful as they age. In fact, the Don Javier Briefcase got its namesake after a friend and relative of an artisan, Don Javier, whose story inspired Lazarus Artisan Goods’ founder by his trustworthiness, ruggedness and resilience—all attributes hoped to be exhibited in the best-selling bag’s overall design. And, with a wide range of offerings from leather tech solutions, belts, wallets and even leather-bound bibles, the gift-giving possibilities are endless with Lazarus Artisan Goods and are cultivated with dignity and purpose.

The Peacock Ayla Bag + Vacuum Bundle from Ayla & Co. (
The Peacock Ayla Bag and Vacuum Bundle by Ayla & Co. is a full-size dual-purpose diaper bag that converts into the perfect companion for day-to-night style. It features space to hold a 14-inch laptop comfortably, several expandable pockets for water bottles and accessories, as well as versatile straps that convert instantly from backpack to a messenger or tote. What’s more, these beautiful, vegan leather bags are available in six, gorgeous, year-round and gender-neutral colors to suit anyone’s preference. The bundle also uniquely includes a lightweight cordless vacuum that looks like a water bottle and can easily fit inside the full-size Ayla bag (or any of your luggage). Since crafting its initial minimal and transitional diaper bag, Ayla & Co. has significantly expanded its line with a collection of options and nifty accessories that exemplify the brand’s simplicity and style. Trendy, efficient and powerful, the Peacock Ayla Bag and Vacuum Bundle takes the mess and chaos out of everyday events for a quick cleanup wherever it happens—making it a stellar holiday gift this season.

The Short Wedge Human Wig from Irresistible Me (
Wanting to create some holiday magic for someone this year? The Irresistible Me wig collection, like its Short Wedge Human Wig style, transforms anyone’s style with a premium look and feel. For this look, the 6-inch Natural Black wig is made from 100 percent natural human hair and offers a blend of style and natural appearance. Boasting a 99 percent quality rating since 2013, the Short Wedge Human Wig is designed with a pre-plucked hairline, allowing for a highly natural look and the flexibility to style the hairline according to the owner’s preference. The lace is present only in the front half, providing versatility in parting the hair. The wig includes a 13-by-4-inch front lace cap with dimensions of 14-by-14 inches and a perimeter of 23 inches, as well as an adjustable elastic band—allowing up to 1.5 inches of mobility for a comfortable fit. A wig cap liner is included for convenience. For maintenance, Irresistible Me advises to wash the wig only when necessary using a gentle sulfate-free shampoo and let it air dry. Conditioning the ends with hair oil and using a heat protectant prior to styling are recommended to keep the piece in optimal condition​​​​​​​​​​. Irresistible Me is reportedly one of the first brands to offer customers with a wide range of hair textures, colors and lengths for inclusivity. Since launching in 2012, the company has capitalized on the opportunity to simplify hair products for everybody.

***** AT HOME *****

HeARTfully Yours Ornaments by Christopher Radko (
Brighten your friends’ and families’ trees this year with hand-crafted HeARTfully Yours Ornaments by Christopher Radko. After more than a 15-year hiatus, the iconic holiday ornament artist is back—introducing a new collection of hand-blown, hand-painted ornaments made under the expertise of artisans working in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy. Radko personally selected the cottage workshops in these countries, where the generational artists continue to utilize the 19th-century traditions and craftsmanship that help make these pieces so special. Each glass ornament is a numbered, limited edition and undergoes a seven-day process from start to finish—so once it’s gone, it’s gone. Since 1986, Radko has been designing these one-of-a-kind treasures for a range of holiday collectors, including celebrities like Elton John, Kim Basinger, Robert De Niro, John Travolta, Oprah Winfrey and more. Created for all seasons, the HeARTfully Yours Ornaments are intended to melt the hearts of family and friends, while creating memories that will last a lifetime. A portion of the collection’s profits also go toward causes closest to Radko’s heart, such as breast cancer, AIDS research and food insecurity.

Abstract Painting Artwork by Jarrod Barker (
Nothing adds life to a favorite space like an original piece of art. With original Abstract and Impressionist Landscape Paintings by Canadian artist Jarrod Barker, you or your loved one is sure to create a place that resonates. In fact, people say Barker’s work evokes a sense of “mystery that leads to contemplation”—meaning it's familiar in a new type of way. Even more, it's exactly the type of original artwork that has a long shelf life by generating an image, thought or feeling that you’ve experienced before … yet also something new that captivates your gaze. Barker’s abstract landscape paintings get better with time—allowing its owners to discover new features with every new day and each individual look. Not just representative art, his pieces hold many suggestions and dimensions that are sure to be cherished by collectors, art lovers and casual viewers. Whether hanging in your living room, entrance hallway or bedroom, these pieces are one-of-a-kind gifts that are meant to stimulate the mind and soul in ways only paint can accomplish.

Crown & Paw’s Custom Pet Portraits (
Who doesn’t want to memorialize their furry family members with a custom art piece? This year, give the gift of forever with Crown & Paw’s Custom Pet Portraits that are designed by genuine artists. Simply upload a photo of the desired pet; choose the portrait style, size and frame type; and place your order. Customers will receive a proof of their unique design in just 1-2 days. From dogs and cats to horses and rabbits, Crown & Paw showcases peoples’ pals in their best light—helping to make their memories live on forever. After all, fur babies are not with us for a long time, but they make a meaningful impact worth memorializing. And, with more than 100 art styles to choose from, you'll be sure to find something that suits your loved one’s home and their pet's personality. Unlimited edits and free previews of each piece of art ensures that the finished product is exactly to your expectations. Plus, Crown & Paw gives back. With more than $250,000 donated to animal charities since 2019, this fun-loving pet goods brand is dedicated to helping owners express their love, adoration and sometimes even their obsessiveness with their beloved pets.

Mini Crown Tiffany Kids Throne Chair from Throne Kingdom (
We all aim to treat our children like royalty—and now you can give them the full, plushy treatment. Throne Kingdom’s Mini Crown Tiffany Kids Throne Chair is a custom-made, miniature mahogany throne chair that exudes the exceptional craftsmanship fit for a king or queen, delivered right to your home. From the ideation process to the construction of these tiny furniture pieces, Throne Kingdom meticulously tailors the Mini Crown Tiffany Kids Throne Chair to its tiny owner using quality materials like marine-grade vinyl, crystal tufting and gold finishings. Plus, the company utilizes a complex painting process proven to improve the chair’s appearance and longevity. Customers can choose from two options to best complement their future royal households, including white and gold or red and gold with a crown insert added into its backing. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Throne Kingdom’s mission is to be a leader in uniquely made throne chairs and sofas for distributors around the world—aiming to add value and style to its clients’ lives.

Groovy Girl Gifts’ Mom’s Succulent Gift Box (
Mom deserves the best, so get her something that she will be able to enjoy forever. The Mom’s Succulent Gift Box by Groovy Girl Gifts accomplishes just that with its naturally-scented candle and real-life succulent plant that will bring life into any room. For those without the gift of a green thumb, the succulent requires only minimal effort to thrive. The 2-2.5-inch live succulent is also packaged with great care, as Groovy Girl Gifts focuses on quality throughout its entire operation. Its scented, two-ounce candle burns for up to 12 hours, while the colorful matches in a glass jar are a nice added touch that your mother will enjoy. Stuffed with goodies made just for her, the gift box includes a greeting card and personal message from you to mom—all beautifully packaged in the brand’s Premium Color Printed Mailer Gift Box. Groovy Girl Gifts offers a diverse range of personalized gifts for women, which has helped the company stand out in the marketplace. It firmly believes that engraving a name or special message on a gift makes it all the more meaningful. But be prepared! You might become the favorite child after mom receives this box.

***** FOOD & BEVERAGE *****

JYPSI Whiskey Legacy Series (
Not sure which bottle to get for that special someone this year? Whiskey JYPSI provides the perfect touch of exotic with its cross-blending of international whiskeys to create a one-of-a-kind pour. Founded by country music star, Eric Church, and business leader, Raj Alva, the duo tapped award-winning blender, Ari Sussman, to break the mold with the brand’s unique approach to whiskey-making—helping to create an award-winning product that Whiskey Raiders called, “perhaps the best celebrity spirit on the market.” Take its Legacy Batch 001. This bottle is based on traditional bourbon mash bill, but instead of blending the grains before fermentation, Whiskey JYPSI’s well-aged whiskey components are sourced from various origins and use cross-category blending to reconstruct a traditional mash bill. This allowed the brand to select from a wider portfolio of international whiskeys, ensuring that each whiskey is at the exact right age and flavor profile to perfectly harmonize within this particular blend. Drinkers can expect rich layers of aroma, flavor and deep wood character that are not generally found in spirits. Each batch of Whiskey JYPSI’s Legacy Series will be unique in its sourcing, blending and finishing approach. So, when Batch 001 is sold out, it cannot be replicated.

Travel Keg from DrinkTanks (
Treat your favorite beer connoisseur to the best drinking experience anytime, anywhere and always on tap. DrinkTanks’ Travel Keg is a compact, durable and completely portable personal tap system that combines the company’s 64-ounce Craft Growler with its easy-to-use Keg Cap dispensing attachment. That way, users need only fill the growler and then set it and forget it until the next perfect pour. The patented technology eliminates the need to open the growler to dispense your drink of choice and creates even pressure all the way around the lid’s seal. The result? Far less gas can get in or out—allowing the sudsy beverage to maintain carbonation, temperature and flavor so you can keep your adventures flowing without ever sacrificing that first-pour freshness for up to 30 days. Other notable features include a cork insulated storage cap, stainless steel double-walled vacuum insulation, Perfect Pour Handle for easy transport and even laser-etched internal ounce markings for easy cocktail mixing. From craft beer purists to weekend revelers, this durable and BPA-free keg is sure to make their holiday wish list.

Damn, Man’s ‘12 Days of Winter Wonder’ Savory Meat Sticks & Nut Medley Advent Calendar (
The countdown begins to the most wonderful time of the year—and what better way to get into the festive spirit than through your taste buds? Damn, Man’s 12 Days of Winter Wonder - Savory Meat Sticks and Nut Medley advent calendar provides users with a different snack surprise each day. Plus, with six tins of delicious, flavored nuts and six meat sticks ranging from original to spicy, the salty and sweet combination is packaged together in a winter wonderland scene straight from the Alps. The advent calendar includes 2 oz. tins of salted pistachios, honey sea salt almonds, salted walnuts, butter cinnamon pecans, cranberry nut blend and lightly salted cashews, as well as two pepper meat sticks, two spicy meat sticks and two original meat sticks. Damn, Man got its start 28 years ago when mother-and-son duo, Fran and Neil, embarked on a culinary adventure from their modest kitchen. What started as crafting traditional chocolates, the company soon discovered an unmet demand for nuts and snacks with a unique twist. Listening to its customers' desires, Damn, Man introduced innovative nut flavors presented in eye-catching packaging and collections—ideal for any special occasion. Make someone’s holiday countdown extra tasty this year with this sweet and salty take on the traditional advent calendar.

***** WINE TIME *****

Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque Brut & Grand Brut Champagnes (
What better way to welcome the holiday season than with a toast of bubbly? Maison Perrier-Jouët’s iconic vintage cuvée, Belle Époque Brut, is a rare and elegant bottle that celebrates both the art of vintage and the excellence of the champagne house’s vineyard. First appearing in 1964, this 2013 brut is instantly recognizable throughout the world by Art Nouveau master Emile Gallé’s painted Japanese white anemones adorning the bottle—but even more for its taste. The vintage cuvée creates a combination of freshness and finesse on the palate, rounded out by its delicate and distinctive white fruit and floral aroma. Perrier-Jouët recommends pairing the Belle Époque Brut’s pale, translucent gold pour with noble ingredients, such as king prawns and polenta or sole meunière. Another fan favorite, the brand’s Grand Brut is a melting pot of aromas and flavors crafted to make each moment special. The rounded champagne is crisp and light and features a hint of buttery brioche and vanilla on the nose—making it an ideal beverage for food options spanning chicken breast and grapefruit, to leeks. Perrier-Jouët’s Grand Brut has a longstanding history in its own right, tracing back to 1846 when the champagne house launched its Cuvée K, the world’s first “brut.” Soon, Maison Perrier-Jouët would become renowned for its low-sugar brut champagnes—a philosophy maintained to this day.

Sparkling Pointe’s 2015 1.5L Blanc de Blancs Magnum & 2014 Brut Seduction (
Not sure what to bring the host or hostess of your holiday parties this season? Sparkling Pointe’s 2014 Brut Seduction is sure to make any get-together sparkle. The rare, mature cuvée’s organoleptic profile is aged eight years before its disgorgement—allowing it to showcase a deep gold color with aromas of lemon custard, almond croissant, baking spices and Bosc pear. Drinkers can also expect a textured and balanced palate of red apple, white cherry and nutmeg as they sip on this sparkler, which consists of 49 percent Pinot Noir, 45 percent Chardonnay varietals and six percent Pinot Meunier. But, for those who are looking to bring a true show-stopper to their next soirée, Sparkling Pointe has the bottle for you. The 2015 1.5L Blanc de Blancs Magnum is the equivalent of two standard wine bottles—carefully filled with the winery’s elegant and rich Chardonnay. The 2015 Blanc de Blancs features a golden yellow appearance and opens with aromas of apple, pear and marzipan. A depth of caramel and almond croissant is enhanced with mature secondary flavors of baked apple, lemon zest and butter cookie. Founded in 2004 by husband-and-wife team Tom and Cynthia Rosicki, Sparkling Pointe is a recognized producer of traditional méthode sparkling wines, in which the vino undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle to produce the sparkle. Focusing on traditional varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier), the brand’s grapes are sustainably grown on three vineyard sites spanning 40 acres on the North Fork of Long Island. Sparkling Pointe is North Fork’s only winery fully dedicated to producing sparkling wines, which have been consistently acknowledged as some of the best in the New York wine region.

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