How Technology is Helping Reshape Car Maintenance


Technology permeates every aspect of our lives and the current digital revolution sweeps across every industry. Definitely, the automobile industry is not left behind. In many ways, different noble innovations are coming into the industry, especially in the area of car maintenance.

This article discusses how far technology has brought us in car maintenance, especially with regards to assembling, routine and predictive maintenance, auto repair and maintenance tools, etc.


Aluminum Body Parts

Before now, aluminum was used to make the most high-end cars. However, it is gradually replacing steel as the chief car body parts material.

And it does have some advantages over steel. Being a lighter material, aluminum reduces the weight of the cars. This makes for better fuel efficiency. Besides, aluminum is recyclable.

Because of this great shift, newer methods of car repairs and maintenance have to be adopted. Compared with steel products, aluminum cars are more demanding to repair and need a whole new skill set entirely.

This is raising a new generation of auto-mechanics trained in working with aluminum. Very soon, steel cars will become outdated, along with most of the repair AC maintenance processes associated with them.


Better Car Wash Services

Cars need to be washed and cleaned regularly, but this can be a hassle.

GoGo Wash is innovating in the area of vehicle wash services. The smartphone app founded by tech guru Guirlene Auguste, allows customers to schedule a complete foam spray, wash and detail of their car and have a washer come to when and where it's most convenient for the customer. This saves the customer time and stress for something as simple as regular car washes.

Besides that, the platform enables people to also become washers and earn a steady income. Innovation like this does not only exist in the car wash service alone but in the auto-repair industry. More shops are recognizing the importance of mobile technology and implementing it to reach more customers.


Mobile Technology and Online Scheduled Maintenance

Mobile technology has improved the relationship between auto-repair shops and their customers. Many strong auto-repair shops now have mobile applications and responsive websites that make it possible for customers to input customer car information and scheduled maintenance and repairs.

In some cases, the customer can even receive a quote immediately for simple routine jobs. Now more than before, auto-repair businesses now invest in local SEO tactics to improve online visibility and brand reputation.

For instance, Blitzify is a mobile app that allows customers to schedule repairs, routine maintenance such as oil changes and shop for parts by various garages and dealers. One can easily get quick quotes and compare prices from various dealers from the platform.


Electric Cars

Apart from self-driving cars, electric cars are the other automotive innovation generating a lot of discussions these days. Electric cars are on our roads already, but uncertainty still looms about the industry when they overtake other types of cars that run on combustible fuel.

What we can be sure of, however, is that it will hit the auto repair industry hard. Electric cars consist more of wires and have fewer parts (200 on the average) than their counterparts. This means less repair would be necessary and most auto-mechanics might run out of business because fewer workers would be needed.

On the other hand, it would create jobs too, but not in the traditional nut-and-bolt repair process. Electric cars require more wiring and knowledge of computers. Therefore, innovative auto-mechanics and technicians and fitting their shops with computers and appropriate advanced diagnostics equipment


Improved Diagnostics Tools

Cars have grown to be much more complex than they used to be. They are becoming less mechanical and more electronics with vehicles coming with a full computer system. Therefore, diagnostics and troubleshooting problems come with different and more technical demand. Nowadays, professional help is almost always necessary for even the slightest adjustments 

Amidst these, automotive scanners have proved to be really helpful. Simple handheld scanners help automotive technicians and mechanics troubleshoot problems easily and determine the best solution as quickly as possible. Many Garages have them already and it makes them well-prepared for different car issues.

There are also on-board diagnostics tools that can be fixed in cars. Koovers built a system such as this. With these, the auto-mechanics can remotely assess car condition, identify problems on time and notify the customer. Before the car arrives at the garage, necessary preparations have been made and spare parts (if needed) bought to hasten repairs.



While some of these technologies are now widely accepted, others are slowly being integrated into the system. As a car owner, there is nothing better to do than adopt these technologies for more efficient management of your vehicles. Auto-mechanics and technicians should also learn the ropes of these emerging technologies (especially electric cars) and position themselves to attend to these needs. Technology blazes these days, and you don't want to be left behind.