How to Find Cheap Transport Options in Your Luxury Life


If you’re aiming to lead a luxury life, one of the aspects to this that you’ll be interested in maintaining is the quality and opulence of your transportation. As such, this article takes a whistle-stop tour through some of the major modes of transport that a luxury lifestyle is likely to encounter, with tips on how to save cash on some of the options available to you. Read on to discover simple tips to drastically reducing your luxury transportation costs.


In the sky, you’re going to want to travel in style. But you don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet and purse while doing so – which means that a private or chartered jet isn’t an option you should entertain. Instead, find an airline that you trust, join the business lounge class, and find the cheaper flights to the destinations you’re interested in visiting. Business passengers are often upgraded for free into first-class, leading you to the heights of luxury for a fraction of the cost.

On the Rails

Next comes train travel, something of an outdated pursuit in many countries, but incredibly peaceful, enjoyable and stress-free. If you’re planning on a holiday, why not consider traveling by luxury train in countries such as Argentina, South Africa, or India? It’s a cheap and incredibly opulent way to get around. Meanwhile, domestically, you’ll be able to book cheap first-class fares online if you book a couple of months in advance of your planned trip.

Buses and Coaches

Ordinarily, a bus or a coach is seen as one of the least luxury forms of transport. They’re famous throughout the world as the slowest, most uncomfortable and least attractive way to get around, but that’s all been changing in the last five years. New, luxury-fitted coaches are now a regular feature on the world’s roads, complete with a porter serving food and drinks, and a comfy bed from which to watch the world whizz by.

Behind the Wheel

The most common form of transport for most citizens of the US is, of course, the personal motor vehicle. It’s amazing how much time we spend behind the wheel in the modern world – and often in less-than-luxury circumstances. Unfortunately, you’ll have to spend a significant amount on a new, modern and luxury vehicle. As such, search for used cars for sale in Long Beach in order to locate and select a motor vehicle that’s incredibly well-fitted, but half the price of a new market-value model.

On the Seas

Finally, you’ve got naval travel. Of course, the luxury dream is to embark upon adventures in your very own private yacht, but these are precipitously expensive to rent and incredibly expensive to buy. It’s fair to say that only the super-rich can afford such a luxury. Instead, though, you can join public cruises on small boats retrofitted to afford you the highest possible levels of luxury, while taking you on journeys (either in the US or internationally) that are truly adventurous and fulfilling.

These transportation tips will help you find the fine line between expense and luxury in your mobile lifestyle moving forward.