How to plan the ultimate girls' weekend away


Are the cold nights and short days making you dream about your next girls' weekend away? If you’re already planning the next time you can get together with the girls, you might also find the idea of organising a big group rather daunting - especially when everyone has their own lives going on. However, planning a weekend away with the girls doesn’t have to be stressful with our expert tips and killer bits of advice.

Planning will be your best friend

The more you plan, the less that can go wrong. Starting with where you want to go in the first place. There are so many great places in the UK for a weekend away, however, it’s also important that everyone in the group wants to go there. Make sure you all agree to a weekend in the Cotswolds before someone admits that hiking isn’t really their thing! After you’ve chosen somewhere to go, split up the tasks equally in the group so it doesn’t just fall on one person to plan the girl's weekend. You could have one friend looking at accommodation, one at food and drink, and another at train times to London that suit everyone. But remember to leave a little bit of leeway for spontaneity, as well!

Consider everyone’s budgets

Budgets will significantly alter a girl's weekend away; everyone is on their own financial journey so make sure to be upfront with the cost of the weekend and check that everyone is satisfied with the overall total before booking anything. Remember to also take into consideration hidden costs that might bump up the total, for example, if you’re going away for a friend’s birthday it’s likely that the friend herself won’t be paying. Once you’ve truly figured everything into the equation, you can start saving your pennies - as well as look into cheap hacks for saving money that might mean you can even stay another night longer with the girls.

Fill your itinerary with activities

We’ve all been guilty of lacklustre planning, but saying vague things like on Saturday maybe we’ll go to the beach can send a girl's weekend south quickly. Instead, filling your itinerary with specific activities ensures you won’t spend one minute of the weekend being bored, or without a place to eat or a beautiful village to stroll around. As well as planning your activities in advance, consider some extra little bits that will take your girl's weekend up a notch, like matching outfits, little souvenirs, and custom cocktail recipes for drinks in the evening.

Planning your next girls' weekend away doesn’t have to be an earache with these expert tips on how to make the most of your weekend. Just remember to leave a little room for magic…