How To Travel Luxuriously


Travel is good for the mind and the body, and if you’re hoping to spend your holiday break in as luxurious a manner as you can afford, you may be surprised by just how far a little planning can go. You don’t need to spend a fortune to travel in the lap of luxury, and with a little preparation and forward thinking, you could well be enjoying the high-life without damaging your bank account. If you want the break that you deserve and the chance to feel ridiculously spoiled and pampered, then follow these top tips for enjoying the luxury holiday of a lifetime.

Escape the traps

It’s no secret that visiting a famous city is going to cost you. Some of the prices you pay for a small glass of wine in London, Paris, or Rome can make even the healthiest wallet feel a little threadbare. If you want your money to go further and your levels of luxury to bump up a few notches, then have a look at the areas surrounding your destination. Hotel prices are significantly lower on the outskirts of a city, and with the savings that you make, you can easily justify the additional travel in and out, and you may even be able to justify that penthouse suite.

Rough it...temporarily

You have no doubt gone through your holiday budget with a fine tooth comb, but have you considered splitting your break into two distinct sections? There’s a growing trend of people breaking their holiday into two parts, and concentrating on the lower budget accommodation and experiences in the first week so that they can finish their trip on a high. If you’ve saved money on the essentials, then you’re going to not only be able to afford better the luxuries that follow, but you’re also going to appreciate them a lot more. Rough it for a few nights, so that you can finish your last few evenings in something a little more suited to your aspirations.

Upgrade transport

Too many people forget that the travel experience has already started by the time you get to the airport. You may have the most luxurious holiday ever planned ahead of you, but you’re not going to be feeling the joy when you’re cramped in standard class. There are a few ways that you can increase your chances of an upgrade and don’t forget that in the case of plane delays, there may be airline compensation available as well. That compensation might be just what you need to get over the nightmare of a delayed flight and be able to afford an upgrade to Business Class, or even a better hotel room.

Dress to impress

It may well be considered superficial, but the truth is that we are constantly judged by our appearance. Dress well when you arrive at your accommodation, and you will notice that employees will treat you all the better. This extends all the way from the airport, to restaurants, and back to the airport again, and you may be amazed by the reception you get when you throw away those old jeans and wear something with a little more class. If you want to be treated like a VIP on holiday, then you should certainly create the appearance of being one, and that’s the most important holiday truism you’ll find.