Lab-Grown Diamonds: The Green Luxury


If you were to ask someone a list of their top 5 luxury items, a diamond would likely be included. Diamonds are a universal symbol of love, but they’re also a sign of luxury, class and status. what cost? No, we’re not talking about the actual price tag of the stone, but the origin and the process it takes to get that diamond from a different continent to your finger. Today, we’re going to talk about a new alternative to mined diamonds that’s helping bring ‘eco-friendly’ into the luxury world.

Unfortunately, when people hear the term, “lab-grown diamond” they often associate it with fakes or CZ’s. What a lot of people don’t yet understand is that this is completely false. Man made diamonds are the exact same — chemically, physically and optically — as mined stones. The only difference? Where they grew. And, to be frank, if we’re talking about luxury, we shouldn’t even compare the high-tech laboratories where lab-grown diamonds are made to the giant holes in the earth where mined diamonds are extracted…

But, there are a few aspects of lab-grown diamonds that make them stand out even more. Not only are these stones 100% ethically sourced, but they’re environmentally friendly. Often, it’s very hard to find luxury products that are also a part of the ‘green’ movement. But now, we’re giving you even more of a reason to buy these gorgeous gems! Your significant others can thank us later.

If you’re interested in the nitty gritty, we’ve got some numbers for you.

Just one carat of mined diamond produces nearly 100 square feet of disturbed land and almost 6000 pounds of mineral waste.

On the other hand, one carat of lab-grown diamonds disrupt just 0.07 square feet of land and only one pound of mineral waste.

And that’s not the only bad part about mined diamonds! Remember that movie ‘Blood Diamonds’ featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. Yeah, that wasn’t fiction. The mined diamond industry is known for all sorts of sketchy behavior and activity. And, although the Kimberley Process was put into place to help, there are still tons of problems. Even when companies promise that their mined diamonds are “ethically sourced”, there not actually any feasible way to know 100% that this is true. The only way to make sure the ring on your hand isn’t a blood diamond is to purchase a lab-grown diamonds.

One last thing. We know you’re likely into luxury items if you’re reading this. So, we’ve got some really, really great news. You can get a man made diamond that’s 20-30% larger than what you would get for the same budget on a mined diamond. How? The supply chain of lab-grown stones is much shorter, so the diamonds are more competitively priced. This means your 2 carat diamond ring just became 2.5 carats. How’s that for luxury?

No matter why you choose to go with lab-grown — whether it’s for the eco-friendly benefits or the pricetag — it’s just important that you do in fact choose them. The only way that the negative (and often dangerous) practices of the mined diamond industry will stop, is if consumers refuse to buy their products. So, next time you’re looking for a new pair of diamond stud earrings or an eternity band to add to your ring stack, do your research and consider purchasing a lab-created diamond.