Lady M Confections home of world famous Mille Crepes, Launches new Lady M Bon Bon Collection

02/03/2021 by

Lady M Confections Co. Ltd., the world-famous cake brand, enters the candy industry with launch of Lady M Bon Bon, a colorful collection of candies and confections created by Ken Romaniszyn, CEO of Lady M Confections Co. and French confectionery expert, Olivia Niddam. The complete Lady M Bon Bon collection is now available for purchase online and at all Lady M U.S. boutiques as of February 1, 2021.

Mr. Romaniszyn and Ms. Niddam traveled the world to develop and source exotic candies and confections from top artisans across FranceBelgiumGermany, and Italy. Lady M Bon Bon is luxe and accessible, created with gift giving and sharing in mind. Visitors may not always be able to carry home a slice of Lady M cake when traveling, but they can bring home a piece of Lady M via Lady M Bon Bon.

Hand packaged in stylish white tin boxes, these candies may be purchased as individual boxes ($8 each) or as part of a Lady M Bon Bon gift book set containing three, five, or eight individual boxes. The eco-friendly tin boxes are recyclable and feature custom delicate silver foil edging. Lady M Bon Bon gift sets are luxurious and customizable keepsake boxes complete with a matching gift bag.

Offerings in the Lady M Bon Bon collection are inspired by Lady M's iconic cake flavors. Passion Fruit Pearls are reminiscent of sunny and bright Passion Fruit Mille Crêpes. Juicy Strawberry Shortcake Gummies are the candy form of Lady M's classic Strawberry Shortcake. Whimsical, beautifully presented, and most importantly, delicious. Lady M Bon Bon is the top choice in candy gifting.

The Lady M Bon Bon collection features a total of 16 flavors. Select offerings include: Champagne Teddy Bears (a sparkling, elevated take on the original gummy bear), Wild Berry Gummy (capturing a rainbow of berries in a single box), Banana Marshmallows (puffy marshmallows dipped in banana-white chocolate), Crème Brûlée Almonds (roasted almonds enrobed in crème brûlée chocolate), and Chocolate Cookie Puffs (puffed cereal and cocoa drops dipped in dark chocolate).