Latest Luxury Jewelry Trends 2019 from the Fashion Runways


When it comes to jewelry trends, every season brings something new and unique. Even so, it can happen that we catch a glimpse of something old every now and then seeing as trends change, but they can also make a comeback. This is something that we as avid jewelry lovers spotted on runways for this year. Brace yourselves, because you’ll feel like you’re in a strange déjà vu – many old jewelry trends are returning, but with a new edge. We’ve put together a list of the latest jewelry trends we’ve spotted on runways in the previous season just for you.


First things first – say hello to maximalism once more! We couldn’t help but notice that this is something everyone will be doing this year, no matter what type of jewelry they prefer. Just when we thought that over-the-top details are a thing of the past, we got a treat in the form of the most spectacular comebacks. Classic hoops of the ‘90s along with statement necklaces and stacked bangles are all here, and you can proudly flaunt them all at the same time. Not just that, but you can freely layer several smaller rings and necklaces as well, but you should try not to mix colors, though, as some things seldom change: gold still goes with gold and clashes with silver.

Charm belts

Over the previous seasons, we have witnessed the rise of belts once more – rather than being simply a useful ‘tool’, they have become a necessary accessory once more. Tough we might be used to the old “barely there”, thin belts that make our summer dresses fit us better, it’s time for something better. Charm belts are here to blow us all away – from keeping your dress-shirt in place to emphasizing your waist while you’re wearing a mini skirt, charm belts will draw attention with both sparkle and the adorable noise they make. Chanel, Gucci, Versace, Stella Jean, Paco Rabanne, and Carolina Herrera have all combined throwback logos with natural eclecticism.

New and improved hoops

Just like trench coats have been around for decades simply because they have been rediscovered and reinvented so many times, the same can be said for hoop earrings. Those classic round hoops we all loved years ago have made a comeback, but they came back new and improved. Upgraded and redesigned, classic hoops are now worn with lovely charms – pearl, gold, colored glass, and even custom artsy pieces hanging from them give you a whole new look. Valentino even took it a step further and added more drama by deciding to eliminate the bottom of the hoop altogether. Instead, they made them thicker and thus came up with a new look of a classic piece.

Pretty rainbow

Another focus for the upcoming season are definitely colors, and as it turns out, jewelry offers a variety of options for combing and playing with colors. Even though some might think that this means they have to go out and buy gemstones, thankfully this isn’t the case. Lovely birthstone rings on Jewelry Jealousy are not only colorful, but also stackable, so you can wear several gemstones at once. Of course, you don’t have to stick to just one color and/or just one gem – try to color-coordinate your clothes with your jewelry or wear colorful rings as well as colorful earrings, and experiment with artificial colored stones if you’d like.

Dangling earrings

We already mentioned hoops, but it’s not just hoops that stole the show – pendant earrings also got our attention. Even though they are usually very simple, this season brings us a treat in the form of statement pendant earrings. Maximalism in not only present, but encouraged, and you are welcome to wear pieces that you feel will steal the show. Acne Studios took it a step further – their models would sometimes wear a single earring, but it would be long and so attention-grabbing, that there was no need for other jewelry. They also had models wearing earrings that were so long that they grazed past the shoulders and could double as necklaces.

Chokers to die for

Speaking of necklaces, we can’t help but be surprised that chokers are still holding strong. Still, just like hoops, they have been through a lot and came out different. Necklaces and chokers are still important, and we will probably keep seeing them in the following seasons too. Surprisingly, rather than having their models wear chokers directly on their skin, Hermes and Christian Dior chose pieces that were work over a collared shirt. On the other hand, Vetements as well as Junya Watanabe chose a bit more fierce options and had their models wear punk-like bands that were studded and fierce. Whatever you choose, a simple chain or a fierce studded band, chokers are a must-have of the season.

Loving nature

There is nothing quite like nature-inspired pieces, and outdoor aficionados are going to fall in love with pieces that look like they came directly from nature. From delicate bracelets that look like twigs all the way to oversized earrings that resemble leaves and flowers, fashion jewelers have managed to find inspiration in the outdoors. Flowers, leaves, twigs, animals, bark-like texture, stars, and seashells will make us all feel connected with nature a bit more. Of course, if you don’t like the idea of looking like you came straight from the forest, you can always opt for delicate charms on your necklace, earrings, and bracelets instead.

Keeping up with the latest trends isn’t always easy, no matter if we’re talking about fashion, jewelry, interior design, or hairstyles. Just because a particular style has become popular, it doesn’t mean that you should embrace it immediately. On the contrary, you should always try to adapt trends instead of stubbornly adapting to trends. This way, you will stand out from the crowd and, who knows, you might even become the next trendsetter.