Luxury Last Minute Food Related Gift Ideas


It's that time of year, with a few weeks left until Christmas and you find yourself struggling to find a food-related gift for the home chef or foodie.  Sure, you can take the easy way out and order up another crock pot or Keurig machine, but why not consider a few other gifts that might bring some real enjoyment for the home cook that seems to have it all?

Gifts for the kitchen

You can't go wrong with a gift that will be used when making almost every food item in the kitchen.  If you are looking for a gift that is somewhat unique and useful with fine craftsmanship consider a Japanese chef knife.

Not up to speed on Japanese knives? No worries, Chubo Knives has put together a great primer on the details of each knife and what they are used for.  You can read through their guide here.

In short, an all-purpose or multipurpose knife such as a Gyutou or Santoku will get the most usage in the kitchen and probably be the most coveted by the serious home chef. 

The performance of the knife will be second to none, but many of the knives show exceptional crafting that makes them not only useful but a talking piece in the kitchen.

The Sweet Tooth

Having an interest in food doesn't require excellent cooking skills.  In fact, your loved one might be more focused on sweets rather than honing their chopping skills.  What type of unique gift shows that you put in some thought and effort aside from a handmade treat? Consider the Creme De La Creme sampler from Lolli & Pops.  This isn't your average dessert/candy box gift idea.  This gift box contains the best of the best sweets that are intended to impress the most luxurious sweet tooth.

The Health Nut

No one is knocking our friends and family with better health habits than the rest of us.  In fact, in a few short weeks, many will make half-hearted attempts and promises to change our lifestyles for the better.  While everyone else is gifting yoga pants and athletic wear to be relevant, why not make a gesture that shows how much you care.  For those following strict diets and life choices such as the paleo diet, the holiday's can be a tough time.  Being faced with numerous holiday parties and a seemingly endless supply of foods that are less than healthy and being forced to try them for fear of being impolite can be exhausting for those with strict dietary considerations.  A gift that shows you understand their diet choices also shows you are a supportive family member or friend.  Many experts have touted the benefits of bone broth over the years.  What better way to show that you put some thought into a gift than to give what some consider a magic elixir with tons of health benefits.  Bone broth has replaced the morning coffee routine of many and is now available online from Chef Marco Canora's broth window in NYC.  A bone broth variety pack containing four different types of broths could be a much-appreciated gift to get back on track from the holiday season.

The clock is ticking on this holiday season, and anxiety increases with every day passing without crossing items off your Christmas shopping list.  While it can be tempting to purchase the deal of the day on Amazon and be done with gift giving, consider a unique and thoughtful gift that can still be bought from the comfort of your home.