Niraamaya Retreats Launches Srinivas, a Private Residences in Pink City - Jaipur

11/28/2019 by

Niraamaya Retreats, known for its distinctive hospitality and bespoke wellness, has partnered with Srinivas, a private residence of Maharaj Karanvijay Singh Ji of Jodhpur, nestled in the north quarters of the pink city in Rajasthan. The residences will accept guests from November 2019 onwards.

Srinivas by Niraamaya Private Residences is envisioned to be the ideal place where one can enjoy a perfect mix of the royal Rajasthani hospitality. This private residence of Karanvijay Singh is one of the residences used as a central base for keeping his polo ponies. Away from the prying eyes, the residence reflects his outdoor lifestyle, fondness to Africa and passion for the game 'polo'. This sanctuary is a heterogeneous mix of heritage architecture, royal traditions, and timeless serenity.

Commenting on the recent partnership and launch, Manu Rishi Guptha, CEO Niraamaya Retreats, said, "Niraamaya adds another chapter to its growth stories as we expand our footprint and take the Niraamaya Story to new geographies. India's Pink City, Jaipur, has recently made it to the UNESCO World Heritage site's list. One of the most prominent Rajasthan cities for travellers, Jaipur has a lot for travellers and attracts a steady drove of tourists from all over the world.

We are delighted to launch the Srinivas by Niraamaya Private Residences. The defining characteristic of this property is that it showcases the royal way of life, travels, and penchant for polo."

Guests will get a glimpse into the lives and grandeur of Kings, Queens and Princes. The discreetly secluded 7-bedroom Private Residence with diverse themes beautifully showcases the regal lifestyle, sneak peek into Africa travels and rich legacy of craftsmanship in Rajasthan. The interiors of this property well complement the Jodhpur's royal heritage.

This retreat of the polo legend, Karanvijay Singh also reveals the royal families' aesthetic sense and conservative approach to nature which has trickled down to the young Princes, Rajkumar Janmejai Singh Rathore, and Rajkumar Kartikeya Singh Rathore, direct descendants of Jodhpur's founder and sons of Karanvijay Singh.  

Through its interiors, Janmejai Singh Rathore has narrated the families' love for the game polo, their glamorous life, and rooted traditions.' "If you happen to be here, you will notice no element has been introduced that's alien to our history and lifestyle. This is a quiet place of charm and character, and every corner curates our diverse personality and taste in a subtle and captivating way," says Janmejai Singh Rathore.

The residence also reflects Kartikeya Singh Rathore's conservation approach to nature. "It is a little haven that speaks of the values and the deep-rooted connection to all of us. For me, it's an open home to nature and to protect or give assistance and dignity to all living things. Most of the resident animals housed here are rescued," says the young Prince and environmentalist. He has also played a key role in the plantation, getting native trees and growing organic and seasonal vegetables.

The residence features a large formal dining space used to host royalty, delegates, national and international sporting fraternity and friends. The interiors are warm and boast of antique furniture, old family photographs, Persian handcrafted carpets while the flamboyant rooms reflect a sense of space embracing the outdoors plenty of natural light and all the comforts.

The indigenous flora invites a multitude of birds such as myna and peacocks. This property is a haven of peace and tranquillity as one is surrounded by cheerful sounds of birds. The outdoor courtyard features Raj-era wicker-seated planter's chairs and armoires perfect to soak up the calm and charm of this place.

The residence is also home to some of the best polo ponies in the country. Housed in the backyard stables, the ponies often travel for the Indian polo circuit. During the stay, guests can also catch a glimpse of these ponies who frequent the riding tracks around the residence as part of their daily routine and perhaps steal an opportunity to ride one of these.