ORIX Hotel Management Corporation Newly Opens "Atami Izusan KARAKU"

04/11/2024 by

 "Atami Izusan KARAKU," an ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS luxury "ryokan" (Japanese-style inn) resort operated by ORIX Hotel Management Corporation, has opened in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

1. Panoramic open-air hot spring baths in unity with glorious view leading to Sagami Bay

The nature of spring in the historical Izusan "onsen" hot spa area is "calcium/sodium-chloride/sulfate springs." It works on cuts and sensitivity to cold temperatures; sulfate spring is especially known to encourage silky smooth skin. Panoramic open-air hot spring baths, "Soukai" and "Atami," are ready for guests to enjoy such a notable spring in a leisurely manner.

- Business hours
15:00-24:00 / 06:00-10:00
- Facilities
Soukai (for men): 1 open-air bath / 1 indoor bath / 1 cold-water bath / 1 smoke sauna / 1 dry sauna

Atami (for women): 1 open-air bath / 1 indoor bath / 1 cold-water bath / 1 smoke sauna / 1 steam sauna

2. Guest rooms with open-air baths offering deep comfort
All 57 guest rooms, enveloped in sublime relaxation, provide ample luxury with an open-air hot spring bath within each room.

"KARAKU Suite," the only two of the kind prepared on the top floor, is a wildly spacious place that invites a panoramic view of Sagami Bay outside the window into the room. In addition, the terrace has a basin that creates the sense of unity with the horizon and the sky beyond.

Guest rooms: 2 KARAKU suites / 10 KARAKU rooms / 44 Deluxe rooms / 1 Universal room

3. Two lounges of quality services and guest hospitality
Two lounges of different ambience, namely "AWAI" and "TOKI," allow guests to enjoy spending special time at their travel destination with a wide selection of beverages and snacks.

- Business hours
Free flow time: 14:00-19:00 / 07:00-11:00
Bar time: 19:30-22:00
Free flow time: 14:00-19:00 / 07:00-11:00

"TOKI" uses a variety of cups and saucers, mainly "Arita ware," the traditional Japanese porcelain. Known as the earliest Japanese porcelain characterized by its fine-grained texture feel and excellent durability, it is widely distributed abroad.  Enjoy beverages familiar to American people such as coffee and tea with traditional Japanese porcelain.

4. Two restaurants to encounter culinary delights
The resort presents guests with dining experiences lavished with seasonal ingredients to fully enjoy the bliss of relishing the culinary delights unique to this area.

Restaurant "MUTSUKI"
Enjoy the kaiseki-style Japanese delights based on traditional cuisine, elaborately made one by one and mainly using fruits of the sea. The foods come in plates crafted in the image of a landscape of Atami Izusan, surrounded by the nature of the sea, sky, and mountains on three sides.

- Business hours
Dinner: 17:30-22:00 / Breakfast: 07:30-10:30
- Seats
35 tables (110 seats) / 2 private rooms (up to 4 persons) / 1 private room (up to 8 persons)

Sushi restaurant "AIJU"
Enjoy conversation with the sushi chef at a beautiful counter made of a single piece of "hinoki" cypress wood as guests pick at their sushi. Besides the counter, there are also tables for families.
- Business hours
Dinner 17:30-22:00
- Seats
Counter: 10 seats / Semi-private rooms (4 tables/16 seats)

5. Initiatives in sustainability
ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS, the management company of Atami Izusan KARAKU, actively practices initiatives in sustainability with "decarbonization," "environmental consideration," "safety, security, and comfort," and "harmonious coexistence with the area" as its four pillars. Atami Izusan KARAKU takes a variety of initiatives, determined to continue contributions to a sustainable society.

Left: A material board made from sustainable and recyclable fiber sourced from discarded clothing (set up in the after-bath salon on the 7th floor)
Right: A panel upcycled from industrial waste (set up in the dining room on the 1st floor)