Reasons You Should Holiday in Bali in Summer 2019


If you’ve ever seen photos of Bali’s incredible scenery, picture-postcard beaches, or astonishing cuisine, you probably won’t need to read further than the first sentence of this article. You’ll have been persuaded long ago that Bali is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Still, if you’re looking for a few more reasons to visit Bali this summer, this article is glad to provide them! Read through the points made below to reach a point of utter conviction that you must visit this Indonesian island of paradise as soon as possible.

Incredible Accommodation

Not only is accommodation in Bali great value; it’s also some of the most authentic and enduringly popular places for hotels, villas and lodges that suit honeymooners, groups of friends, and families alike. One of the nicest ways to spend your time on the island is in your own private villa, slightly separated from the tourist crowds. Check out Seminyak villas, for instance, to see what’s on offer in this regard. If you’re more the all-inclusive hotel type, then you’ll find what you’re looking for in big five-star stays by the beach, too.

Delightful Cuisine

It’s a minor scandal that Indonesian cuisine isn’t held in as high esteem as its Asian cousins, for on the island of Bali you’re in for a beautiful treat for your taste buds. With food delicately balanced with spice, sweet coconut, and other region-specific ingredients, you’re sure to have a culinary odyssey during your time on the island. And if you fancy some other forms of food, you’ll find some five-star, world-renowned international restaurants dotted around the island too for those punters in search of real luxury.

Shining Seas, White Sands

If you’ve seen a tourist brochure with that stereotypical, idealized image of a leaning palm tree over white sand next to an azure sea, you were probably looking at a picture taken on Bali! That’s how remarkable the beaches are – pristine and perfect almost beyond belief. Whether you’re going to Bali for a tan, a long-term relaxation period, or just to see one of the places on earth that might truly be called paradise, you’ll find it on the beaches that surround the island. Take to the seas, too, to snorkel or dive in oceans rich with incredible sea life.

Local Culture

Now, Bali isn’t all about the tourist experience – the beaches, the food, and the hotels – it’s also about the people you’ll meet there and their way of life on this simple and humble island. In fact, this can prove to be the ultimate highlight of your trip, as you discover a laid-back rhythm and a pleasant culture that’s maintained by some of the most cheerful, friendly and smart people in the whole of southeastern Asia. It’s the beaches that’ll draw you in, but the people that’ll make you stay – that’s the old saying that’s become something of a proverb for regulars on the island of Bali.

It’s the aim of this article to convince you to visit one of the most stunning tourist destinations in the world – the wonderful island of Bali, replete with cultural and culinary highlights, incredible hotels and villas, and beaches that are second to none.