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The NFTs deriving from the posters personally designed by Fabrizio Giugiaro, Horacio Pagani, Marella Rivolta Zagato and Louis de Fabribeckers, 4 living legends of the supercar design industry, are the first time that artworks by such prominent figures of the automotive space are available to the general public.

Supercar Owners Circle and Valuart have decided to celebrate some of the greatest Automotive Artists of our time by certifying in NFT the Posters dedicated to SOC as real pieces of crypto art.

The collection of 5 pieces designed by Fabrizio Giugiaro, Horacio Pagani, Marella Rivolta Zagato and Louis de Fabribeckers highlights the power of those who can transform a creative and visionary concept into an engineered and motorised object. Car designers have the ability to turn the imaginary into the physical and move it through space. For the first time, SOC and Valuart will take them into a new dimension, that of NFT.

SOC presents this collection of posters crafted by the most influential designers in the industry, and immortalised as NFTs with the help and professional expertise of Valuart, available for the first time ever to the crypto community on the Binance NFT platform. The owners of these digital collectibles will not only have a unique chance to be a part of the crypto community of SOC, but will also gain access to valuable perks (access to special content, future dedicated drops, whitelists, etc.) by holding the NFTs.

The first initiative is expected to lay the foundation for a series of projects linked to the real influencers of the supercar field, and establish the cooperation between SOC x Valuart as the reference for the (crypto) community to access NFT projects endorsed and prepared in collaboration with the leading brands, designers and key stakeholders of the Supercar world.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Posters NFTs will be donated to the charitable mission of Laureus – Sport for Good, also allowing the community to contribute to this important cause.

This first limited number of NFTs will be available on Binance, starting on the 17th of December (2021) at 11:00 UTC for a maximum of 6 days. For more information: