The Chocolove Story - 25 Years of Helping People

11/01/2020 by

The premium chocolate company Chocolove is celebrating its 25th year in business. Chocolove created the niche market of premium chocolate in the US and continues to be the forerunners.

Many things now considered common in the chocolate industry were not in 1995 when Chocolove got its start. Over the years, Chocolove has helped shape this industry:

  • Labeled cocoa content on the front of chocolate bar packaging
  • Created high-cocoa content chocolate that tasted good
  • A cocoa supply chain fully traceable to the farmer through its relationship with Rainforest Alliance
  • Most recently, introduced a great tasting, no sugar added, no compromises chocolate in the Chocolove XO line

The company began in 1995 in Boulder, Colorado with a keen focus on taste and a strong respect for the American consumer. The cool nights and clean mountain air help in making great chocolate and Chocolove continues to call Boulder home today.

Chocolove began with only 4 flavors of premium chocolate and all declared cocoa content on the front of the wrapper. The wrapper design was inspired by a letter from abroad with a love poem printed inside. Chocolove's founder and CEO, Tim Moley reminisces, "We made the freshest, best-tasting chocolate money could buy, and we priced it right." The company continues to honor and fulfill these principles.

Speaking on Chocolove's premium taste, Moley says, "I have the ability to taste chocolate like a sommelier tastes wine. I see flavor like a composer sees music. Unlike wine, coffee, or other acquired tastes, everyone in my focus groups could not only discern premium chocolate, they preferred premium chocolate. I decided to make the best tasting and best quality chocolate for the US consumer."

In 1997—two years into the endeavor—making no money and working 72 hours a week, Moley had an epiphany. He counted the number of people who were eating Chocolove at that moment and made happier because of Chocolove. This epiphany served Moley and Chocolove well: a focus on serving the customer and measuring success by counts of happier people.

With this focus on serving and taking care of people came clarity of brand and the growth of the company. The perspective of helping people become happier with Chocolove was extended to all employees and all people in the supply chain, including cocoa farmers in Africa and around the world.

Now 25 years in, Moley says, "I have retained the role of taster and of keeper-of-the-brand, and I still measure our success by the number of people made happier every day."

With 25 years under Chocolove's belt, it would be easy for the company to be content with their accomplishments. However, Chocolove and Moley continue to innovate and look toward the next 25 years. "From past to present to future, innovation has always been a keystone to how we do things at Chocolove," Moley says.

Chocolove produces chocolate that delivers on quality, taste, and affordable luxury, and is committed to delivering the highest quality chocolate both ethically and at a good price. Chocolove's mission is to make and sell the best tasting chocolate in a way that makes customers and everyone involved, happy.