The World’s Ten Most Magnificent Infinity Pools


There are a few key metrics we use to determine a hotel’s level of luxury. The style of bedrooms, the fame of its’ in-house restaurant and whether it has a jaw-dropping infinity pool, of course. Infinity pools are one of those features that just shout: “This is a good hotel!” The illusion of swimming over the edge gives an added thrill to the experience. Infinity pools come in all sorts of style, from spilling into the natural foliage of a jungle or having an entire city skyline at your disposal. Here, we pick the ten most stunning infinity pools in the world, for your next Instagrammable getaway. 


Ubud Hanging Gardens

Where: Bali, Indonesia 

For: Those who want a jungle escape 

  Its poetic name calls to mind the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and it is just as beautiful and awe-inspiring as that. The location itself is the stuff of dreams — perched atop a lush ravine in the thick foliage of Bali’s dreamy inland province of Ubud. The hotel is hidden behind wild orchids, bamboo and coffee trees, with a little narrow road through the jungle that will bring you to this marvel. It requires a three-hour drive from the Ngurah Rai Airport, but the remoteness of this hotel only adds to its’ charm. The double-tiered infinity pool is a sight to behold — it juts out into the dense green jungle and offers you views of the whole valley, including an ancient temple. It all sounds very Indiana Jones-esque, and it is. Standing at the edge of the pool with the panorama of this wild jungle before you is a sensation like no other. 


Marina Bay Sands Casino and Hotel 

Where: Singapore 

For: Those who want to feel like a Crazy Rich Asian

  No doubt you’ve seen pictures of this incredible piece of architecture from numerous magazines, travel blogs and most recently, Crazy Rich Asians A.K.A. the movie that left us all feeling like peasants and dying to move to Singapore to find a multi-billionaire heir for ourselves. While you may not be able to marry Nick Young, you can get a taste of how the crazy rich spend their holidays with a stay at the Marina Bay Sands. The hotel itself is an enormous, queerly-shaped skyscraper that stretches high into the sky. It is located in Marina Bay, the southern part of Singapore, also known as the Central Business District. These towering office buildings of large corporations and the nearby Gardens by the Bay are what make up the incredible skyline. At night, the city comes to life as these buildings light up. And there’s no other way to soak up this sight than from the Infinity Pool. You will feel like you might fall right off the edge, which make it all the more exciting. At night, a light show casts beams over the city, a surreal sight. Don’t forget to take tons of pictures to show off your crazy rich experience! To really level up that picture, this beautiful rose gold flamingo floatie will make you feel like an absolute princess. 


Munduk Moding Plantation

Where: Bali, Indonesia 

For: Those who want a taste of the rustic Balinese life

  The Balinese way of life is desired by many. The peaceful serenity that comes with being one with nature is a stark contrast from our bustling, everyday city life. Munduk Moding is one place that you will truly feel tranquil, as you immerse yourself in this lush eden. Once you get there, it hardly feels like a hotel because you are constantly surrounded by tropical plants of hibiscus, heliconias, bamboo, and frangipanis. You are treated to a view of the stunning coffee plantations, dense forests, and rolling hills that surround it. The infinity pool opens you up to all of these sights, and if you look from the edge, the lush greenery plunges down to the northern coast, the Java Sea and into the horizon. The location is a bit more inaccessible, but it is worth the trek to be away from the madding tourist crowds that swallow the rest of Bali. 


Hotel Caruso Belvedere

Where: Amalfi, Italy

For: Those who want to see nothing but blue, blue and well, blue

  “Nearer to the sky than to the sea” is how Andre Gide described Amalfi. One of the most ravishing places in the Mediterranean is at the tip of Italy’s southern coast. Hotel Caruso is set at the highest point of Ravello, one of the many enchanting towns along the coast. It is a former 11th-century palace that provides unbridled views of the stunning coastline — the magnificent mountains, azure blue Mediterranean, the neighboring island of Capri and medieval ruins stretching as far as the eye will reach. The infinity pool is a truly out-of-the-world experience. You follow a rose-filled alley lined with little rivulets of water dancing down the walls to the infinity pool that hardly looks like a pool because it melts right into the silky blue skies. You will be enveloped in endless blue from the sky, the sea and the pool itself, lost in the intoxicating air of the Mediterranean. 


Hotel Villa Honegg

Where: Lucerne, Switzerland 

For: Those who want to be lost in the mountains 

  If you’re a Wes Anderson fan and always dreamed of your own Grand Budapest Hotel, this is where you need to go. Perched 914 meters above sea level and overlooking Lake Lucerne is Hotel Villa Honegg, a five-star boutique hotel nestled in the Swiss Alps. You will be transported to a whole other world as you look out into the vast horizon of sloping lilac mountains, whispering silver clouds, a lush green valley and the blue mirror of the lake. It is the ultimate Alpine paradise, and you have this breathtaking view at your disposal at the hotel’s heated outdoor infinity pool. Depending on which time of the year you visit, the view will either be snow white icy peaks in winter, or in a myriad of gentle blues, greens and purples in warmer months. 


Anantara Rasananda

Where: Koh Phangan, Thailand 

For: Those who want Southeast Asian island luxury 

  You probably know Koh Phangan as a backpackers’ haven and location of the infamous Full Moon parties that go on each month at Haad Rin beach. Maybe you’ve even been to one in your younger, wilder days. But the island isn’t all hard-partying and half-dressed tourists passed out on the beach from whiskey buckets. Anantara Rasananda, a five-star luxury resort, sits in the quieter Thong Nai Pan Noi Beach, 30 minutes away from the frenzy of the southern tip. Here the beaches are white and unpolluted, huge koi fish swim in waterways under wooden bridges and thatched roofs create an ever-so-slight sense of wilderness. Every room has its’ own private infinity plunge pool, but the real treat is the main infinity pool in the hotel center. This sexy beachfront pool is lined with coconut trees and provides a striking view of the vast blue sea. 


Perivolas Luxury Hotel

Where: Santorini, Greece

For: Those who desire the laid-back luxury of the Aegean 

  The whitewashed houses stacked atop the Greek coastline is an image that comes to mind for most when they think of Santorini. Perivolas Luxury Hotel gives you an opposite view, you see the little town and the ocean from high above. This secluded boutique hotel is a short walk from the charming little town of Oia, and you are made to feel like the world just melts away in this intimate corner of the Earth. The elegant terraced gardens spill gently into the stunning infinity pool that bleeds right into the vast sapphire horizon beyond. Lounge here all day and watch as the sky slowly erupts into oranges and purples, blending the Aegean and the pool into a watercolor painting. 


Huvafen Fushi 

Where: The Maldives 

For: Those who want tropical decadence 

  This adults-only luxury resort located in the North Male Atoll is an extremely chic and modern resort. Its’ name means “Dream Island” in the Dhivehi language, and no other name would suit it better. It is a blend of classic thatched-roof Moldovan style architecture with modern elements of neon lights and contemporary furniture. The lagoon is painfully clear and blue and the coral reefs that surround it are teeming with marine biodiversity. The resorts’ stunning infinity pool is the epitome of this — by night the colorful fairy lights inside the pool light up, creating a light show within the waters that illuminates the deep purple sky and the sparkling ocean beyond. 


The Banyan Tree

Where: Mache, Seychelles

For: Those who want a secluded island getaway 

  This highly-private, exclusive resort is located on Anse Intendance beach, right on the shores of the glittering blue sea. It’s built to suit its’ lush jungle surroundings, rather than over it. The Creole-style villas come in a range from Beachfront Spa Pool, Ocean View, and Spa Sanctuary, depending on what you prefer. The beautiful blue infinity pool extends off the edge into the ocean, so you’ll feel like you’ve skipped the beach and swum right into the vast blue Indian Ocean. Being located on the western side of the island, your view of the sunset will be truly spectacular from the warm pool.


Alila Villas

Where: Uluwatu, Bali

For: Those who want a chic getaway

  Uluwatu is really doing well with their luxury resorts, and it’s no surprise why. The area is prime for its’ dramatic cliffs, rolling hills, and fertile plantations. Alila Villas is located on a cliff top overlooking the Indian Ocean. This sensual paradise is an eco-friendly resort, utilizing sustainable materials and ventilation systems. The design is of understated, minimal luxury, and blends seamlessly into the tropical surroundings. The infinity pool stretches a whopping 50 meters and perfectly aligns with the Bali horizon, so you will feel like you’re a part of the skies as you stand at the edge. 

  Whether you choose to indulge in the sensual tropics of Southeast Asia and the Pacific or the mystery of the Mediterranean, all these resorts will provide you with a truly unforgettable infinity pool experience, and many Instagram photos to embellish your feed. Have a splashing good time!