Tignes Le Lac Offers Unrivaled Winter Luxury


Built from the ground up as a ski resort from the get go, Tignes Le Lac is renowned for its world-class slopes. A civil dam project in the 50s – that was originally meant to provide a substantial amount of power to the citizens of France – buried the original town of Tignes in water. The money to rebuild Tignes was used to establish one of the world’s finest winter recreation zones. Tignes Le Lac is one of the few locations to offer immediate access to snow-sure slopes year-round, making it the perfect destination to beat the summer heat.

Le Lac is one of five towns that make up the greater Tignes area, situated high above the valley and nestled on the prestigious Espace Killy ski range. Close proximity to the Grand Motte glacier makes the region perfect for winter sports. The rugged terrain and steep slopes make for some of the best skiing in France, sharing its namesake with 3-time gold medal winning Olympian Jean-Claude Killy. With more than 300km of pistes, it’s not hard to see why the Espace Killy region was chosen to host the 1992 Winter Olympics.

Tignes offers everything the modern skier could ever ask for: from specialty shops to in-depth classes and more. More than 150 courses make up the massive ski area, catering to all levels of skill and taste. The large and impressive network of lifts and transports has been designed to assist getting to the perfect spot quickly and easily. Le Lac and the greater Tignes area has been established as an all-inclusive retreat for the hardcore skier. A guide like https://www.skibonjour.com/ can help anyone new to the area make the most of their holiday.

Tignes maintains an old-world charm while staying up-to-date, offering all the latest entertainment and amenities.  Skiing is only one of the many activities Le Lac offers to visitors. The French Alps possess stunning views of natural wonders only found in this part of the world; the many trails and vistas that wind through the mountains give sightseers a chance to slow down to witness the beauty around them. Mountain biking trails offer those looking for a greater thrill to enjoy nature with a side of adrenaline. Traditional outdoor activities to be found include ice climbing, skating and sledding. Less traditional recreations are present in Tignes as well to keep up with modern demand; snow kiting, paragliding and/or driving across the frigid terrain offer something to do for those looking for something new.

Le Lac is bustling with energy throughout the day that is carried on through the night: the area is known for its spirited nightlife scene. Live music is often heard coming from the many clubs and bars that dot the streets. Pubs offer a quiet, cozy place to unwind after a long day of outdoor fun with a few friends for those looking for a low-energy method to relax. However, those who prefer to let loose and get wild will be pleased with the selection of clubs and dance halls Tignes has to offer.

Restaurants, bakeries and cafes are open daily on the mountain to serve hungry and discerning patrons. A flavor can be found for every taste; from traditional French cuisine to no frills comfort food, Le Lac has everything on offer. The area is home to very highly-rated eateries, with dozens of 4-star or higher establishments on TripAdvisor. Those who are feeling a little homesick will be pleasantly surprised by the Tex Mex or all-American fare to be found at restaurants like The Marmot Arms or Roxy Cafe.

The resorts, spas and premium shopping boutiques that make up Le Lac offer something to do for those who demand the finer things in life. Athletes and hobbyists alike can work out muscle kinks and knots at any one of the luxurious spas found in town. Every piece of equipment and accessory made to assist the outdoorsman can be found in specialty shops catered to them directly. For those looking for something different or unique, Tignes is home to a traditional French market that is held weekly. All-inclusive resorts provide a way to enjoy the spectacular views and atmosphere the Alps have to offer at no compromise to your comfort or standards.

Tignes, with its cutting-edge facilities and naturally formed slopes, is among the premier destinations for winter activities and recreation for the discerning vacationer. Even those who have no interest in riding down the hundreds of kilometers of piste can find something to do to occupy their time away from home. A week can easily be spent wandering through the towns and trails that inhabit the landscape. For the perfect winter retreat, look no further than the world-renowned ski resort of Tignes Le Lac in pursuit of the ultimate luxury vacation.