Top Tips for Planning a Family Holiday to Sicily


Let’s face it, planning a family holiday can be a bit of a headache.  We can all agree that holidays are meant to be fun and relaxing, and they are, once you arrive at your chosen holiday destination! 

For most families, planning a trip can often be daunting.  Regardless of whether you are travelling with a new-born or an irritable teen, you need to make sure that you get just the right balance between relaxation and family fun.  That’s why we thought it would be useful to put together some of our top tips to help you plan your ideal family holiday to Sicily.

Make it a Family Effort

It is always a good idea to involve the whole family in the planning and decision-making stages, so everyone feels connected to the trip from the get-go.  Firstly, you should start by doing your research based on your budget and then ask the family their opinions on a short list of destination ideas or accommodation list.

When it comes to choosing the ideal destination, why not consider a spot like Sicily.  A family holiday in Sicily is bound to be a crowd pleaser!  In fact, Sicily is one of Italy’s top spots for child-friendly getaways, with a tonne of family-friendly attractions, long sandy beaches and delicious food that is bound to keep everyone happy.   

Research Matters

The big trick to planning a great family trip is making sure both parents and children are happy.  You need to make sure that there are plenty of activities in place and that there is something for everyone to enjoy.  Make sure to find a happy medium between relaxing days out and family friendly meals.

In Sicily, there is a fantastic range of sports and adventure activities to enjoy, including waterparks, exploring ancient ruins and castles, as well as unforgettable excursions to Mount Etna.  Along most of the coastline, families will be able to enjoy exploring towns and cities that offer brilliant options that the whole family will love.  

What Sort of Accommodation Will Suit Your Family Needs?

Firstly, you’ll need to decide whether you would like to stay in a self-catering property or an all-inclusive resort.  For many families, staying in a self-catering villa is a great way to enjoy stress-free days spent swimming and relaxing together without the usual worries and constraints of your everyday schedule. 

If you opt to visit Sicily, the vast majority of family holiday villas offer pools, as well as direct access to a beach.  We’re sure you’ll agree that the ability to eat al fresco is one of the many delights that await you on a Sicilian family holiday.  You can find out more information about the great range of family villas available in Sicily by heading over to

Embrace the Local Food and Culture

As part of your holiday planning phase, it’s a great idea to get the whole family involved in investigating what types of food are grown and eaten in the country you are planning on visiting. For 10 top foods to try and your visit, take a read of this article:

An Italian holiday offers many culinary delights that children are bound to love.  Even the fussiest of children will likely enjoy the island’s abundance of fresh fruit or basics like pizza and pasta.