Treat Yourself To Luxury With A Lincoln Continental This Christmas


Not only do people buy cars as Christmas gifts or to treat themselves during the holiday season, the holidays are actually among the best times to buy a new car. At the end of the year, dealerships offer more deals and better discounts than you can usually find the rest of the time. The early evenings and bad weather mean not many people are out visiting dealerships after work and going on test drives. They’re also busy, heading straight to the mall and wrestling with crowds to buy the latest gadgets for their loved ones. On top of that, dealerships are keen to push their sales goals, and dealerships are offering bargains. Buying a luxury vehicle over Christmas is a move that makes financial sense.

When you’re rushing around after work trying to get ready for the holidays, you can really start to appreciate a luxury car like the Lincoln Continental. In its quiet, tranquil interior, you can step back from the chaos of traffic, malls, and stores. It’s the details that make the 2018 Lincoln Continental a comfortable, relaxing car to drive. Plus, the latest tech in the cabin can help you navigate the city, find the perfect place to go gift-buying, and even check on the ski conditions.

A Lincoln Continental is already on your radar; now the question is, is it really worth the hassle of buying a new car on top of all your other errands as the holidays approach? Lincoln shoppers in Mississauga and Brampton have options for Lincoln dealerships in Brampton and across the GTA, but Brampton Lincoln dealerships like Colony Lincoln are known for superior service that makes it easy to drive away with the right vehicle. When you’re looking for a local Lincoln dealership, expect knowledgeable staff, prompt service, and no wait times for your vehicle. That’s one of the small advantages of choosing a Lincoln dealership like Colony Lincoln; while you can place an order for a car with any package, with a bigger inventory, you’re less likely to be kept waiting for your brand new Lincoln Continental.

As for those giant Christmas bows you see on cars in the commercials? They are real – one company in Pennsylvania sells 25,000 bows a year. But you won’t need to dress up a Lincoln Continental if you’re giving one as a gift for Christmas, or treating yourself. The luxury and comfort behind the wheel of a Lincoln Continental are gift enough.

When you’re buying luxury, expect better service from your dealer. This Christmas, find your local Lincoln dealership and get great deals and better service. Local dealerships want their customers to keep coming back, whether it’s for maintenance and service or their next vehicle purchase. A dealership that wants your ongoing business will find you a great price and listen to your needs when you’re buying a car. Drive away in luxury this Christmas with the 2018 Lincoln Continental.